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VIDEO: 'Benefit reforms hit disabled drivers'

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VIDEO: 'Benefit reforms hit disabled drivers'

People with a disability are finding it increasingly difficult to get behind the wheel because of government reforms, according to two charities.

Azalea Club to host Garden Tour

Nine gardens will be on display the second weekend in June as the Azalea Garden club of Manning hosts “The Art of Gardening,” the first tour the club ...

Diet Doc Creates Diet Plans that Teach Patients How To Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight in ...

Fortunately, Diet Doc is a medical weight loss company who does know how to generate healthy, safe and fast weight loss, even for those who are ...

#WeightLossGoals: Ditch diet and simply pop these 'gas-filled balloons'

If you have tried every trick in town to knock off those extra kilos and haven't succeeded so far, don't lose hope. A new treatment where you swallow ...

Stay away from artificial sweeteners, it may harm your health

For the study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, data from 2,856 adults from the 'Third National Health and ...

A healthy diet is cheaper than junk food but a good diet is still too expensive for some

We used the Australian Health Survey 2011-13 and the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines to model current and healthy diets for a ...

5 Important Things Most People Miss About Health and Nutrition

I credit health and nutrition to saving me from a very unhealthy lifestyle at a young age, and I credit health and nutrition to saving my life in many ways.

New dietary advice says we can eat fat to get slim

In a public statement released on Monday by the UK National Obesity Forum in association with Public Health Collaboration, the experts say that fat ...

The new diet behind Adele's dramatic weight loss

The foods are your typical healthy hitters. Dieters nosh on kale, strawberries, dates, olive oil and dark chocolate while drinking green tea, coffee and ...

This Many Americans Need To Go On A Diet ASAP, According To New CDC Report

By comparison, a National Health and Nutrition Survey reported in 2012 that 34.9 percent of adults aged 20 and up were obese. Either way, the trend ...

VIDEO: BBC journalist on end of cancer treatment

BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire has completed six weeks of radiotherapy, her last major treatment for breast cancer.

Camping food can be fun and healthy

With a little planning, you can really have it all. Read on for some mouthwatering camp cuisine ideas that won't blow your diet and healthy living plan.

The battle over our bodies
1. The battle over our bodies. 2. You Asked: Is a Vegan Diet Better?. 3. What's the best diet to keep you fit and healthy?. more ... ...

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