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Memorial Day: Fire Up the Grill and Be Wary of Food Labels

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Memorial Day: Fire Up the Grill and Be Wary of Food Labels

For one, a focus on calories inevitably becomes a focus on fat (the food component ... Foods like these may support healthier weight and better health.

Ditching 'diet' and laying off 'light': Consumers mistrust healthy processed foods, says Mintel

The National Obesity Forum's advice to shun processed foods such as low-fat yoghurts and cheeses for whole foods this week has provoked mixed ...

Paleo diet effective for weight loss

The Paleo diet is more effective for weight loss than previously thought, ... But as the long-term health effects of eating a Paleo diet remain unclear, and ...

How to feed a happy, healthy gut

As scientists look for explanations for the roots of chronic disease as well as the connections between nutrition and health, the answer may be in your ...

Why you need to ditch the diet if you want to lose weight

Tim Spector, a physician and professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College London, wants to debunk healthy-eating mantras. Spector decided ...

Some Governments Are Endorsing Sustainable Diets—But Not the U.S.

The report on government diet guidance and sustainability concludes, ... Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health issued new dietary guidelines that ...

The Diet Responsible For Adele's Slim-Down Includes Dark Chocolate And Red Wine

Back in 2012, Adele proclaimed she wouldn't lose weight unless it affected her health or her sex life, and while we're not ones to speculate about the ...

The Sugar Control Diet [Interview][Transcript]

Guest Bio: Dr. Art Capperauld is president of Concepts For Health, Inc, a health and healing expert, teacher and lecturer. His 23+ years of clinical ...

Mental health needs to be greater priority

Ensuring physical health through diet and exercise, surrounding yourself with supportive family and friends and paying attention to your spirituality ...

Want to lose weight? Try pre-packaged portion controlled meals

Preportioned meals are more effective for losing weight as compared to self-selected portions, suggests a recent study by the University of California.

Suffering from multiple sclerosis? Follow a diet that resembles fasting!

Research says that a fasting-mimicking diet can cut down symptoms of multiple ... The researchers found reductions in symptoms attributed to health ...

Prehistoric paleo diet effective for modern weight loss: research

The study by ECU's School of Medical and Health Science involved 39 healthy women, with half eating a paleo diet while the rest were assigned the ...

VIDEO: 'Benefit reforms hit disabled drivers'
1. VIDEO: 'Benefit reforms hit disabled drivers'. 2. Azalea Club to host Garden Tour. 3. Diet Doc Creates Diet Plans that Teach Patients How To Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight in .... more ... ...

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