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Expert tips: Here's how to stay fit and healthy

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Expert tips: Here's how to stay fit and healthy

health news, healthy diets, fitness, exercises, cardio Following a fitness regime can be the solution to most health related problems, leaving you fit and ...

'Paleo Diet Weight Loss:' Research Shows 'Paleo Diet' More Effective For Weight Loss; Women ...

Researchers from Edith Cowan University (ECU) assigned 39 healthy women on either a “Paleo diet” or a standard Australian diet for four weeks to ...

Light could impact healthy diet choices

Dieticians know that a healthy diet can play a key role in elderly care, not only is it though to reduce the risk of neurological conditions like dementia, ...

Diet That Mimics Fasting Shown To Reduce Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

Diet plays a big role in determining health, and researchers have found that going on one that mimics the effects of fasting offers benefits for those with ...

VIDEO: 'Huge variation' in mental health support

More than a quarter of children referred for mental health support in England last year were turned away, according to a report from the Children's Commissioner.

VIDEO: Call for Olympic Games move over Zika

The World Health Organization has dismissed calls for the Rio Olympic Games to be moved because of the Zika outbreak in Brazil.

Caravaggio and the art of dieting

The luscious banquets painted by the Renaissance master were held up as a good example of healthy eating this week by the National Obesity Forum ...

Think 'superfoods' are a fast track to health? Expert says belief is a MYTH

MANY people believe superfoods are the golden pill when it comes to health and snacking on the latest food craze will make up for other poor eating ...

Considering Going Gluten-Free? Consider the Facts.

Commentary author Dr. Norelle Riley of New York Presbyerian-Columbia University has researched the health benefits of gluten-free diets. She found ...

Paola Prints brings nature indoors on colorful pillows

For artist and budding pillow designer Mary DuLude, “gardening has always been my salvation.” And so the Litchfield-based owner of Paola Prints ...

Sample essay healthy diet

Sample essay healthy diet, 1960s essay questions ± sample essay healthy diet 5th grade persuasive essay ± sample essay healthy diet 8 page ...

VIDEO: Dr Heimlich saves choking woman

Dr Henry Heimlich has used the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a choking woman at his retirement home.

Memorial Day: Fire Up the Grill and Be Wary of Food Labels
1. Memorial Day: Fire Up the Grill and Be Wary of Food Labels. 2. Ditching 'diet' and laying off 'light': Consumers mistrust healthy processed foods, says Mintel. 3. Paleo diet effective for weight loss. more ... ...

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