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Secret to good health, fitness: Maintaining a food diary

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Secret to good health, fitness: Maintaining a food diary

Recently, Sonam Kapoor's personal fitness trainer Radhika Karle shared a picture on Instagram of what the Bollywood actor's diet usually consists of.

Healthy Diet Can Cure Autism, Other Mental Imbalance Illnesses

This incapacity cab somehow be treated by a healthy diet, a new study ... Transitioning residents to a whole-foods, plant-based diet can take months or ...

Rethink ways to incorporate healthy granola in your diet

Check your local co-op or organic food store for some awesome, healthy granolas. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the selection of granola options ...

Banished Ghee and Mustard Oil From Your Pantry? Experts Aren't Too Happy

"Cooking oils form an integral part of Indian diet. However, one is confronted with an array of commonly marketed edible oils asserting host of health ...

Low fat, full fat: why the diet industry keeps changing its mind

Most seem to surface in the summer, when new nutritional advice claims to provide the panacea to everyone's health woes: “Eat clean get lean!

VIDEO: Staying still at work 'as bad as smoking'

New data suggests more than half of us only go for a walk at work when we need the toilet.

8 healthy fats you should consume

In fact, a recent study claims that cutting down on fatty foods and switching to low-fat diets are having "disastrous health consequence". The report ...

Fasting diet has been shown to ease multiple sclerosis symptoms in early trial

New research has shown that a diet involving periods of fasting could help fight ... "This process also leads to the production of new healthy cells.".

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms & Suggested Prevention Strategy

For instance, eating a healthy diet is known to help. Pregnancy means that you have to take care to include a lot of nutrition in your daily diet, not just ...

Lowering Blood Sugar With Three Food Items

Lowering blood sugar is important for diabetes patients. High blood sugar can be a cause of various health issues including cardiovascular disorders.

Boost loved one's nutritional health

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the “Ladies Night Out” at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Thomasville. Their theme was “Taking care of ...

Five Tips To Reclaim Your Health, Weight Loss Made Simple

We've all been there. You decide you are tired of being fat. You are tired of nothing ever fitting you. You are dedicated to the change in your diet.

Treating Autism With A Healthy Diet
1. Treating Autism With A Healthy Diet. 2. VIDEO: 'Too many court cases' over patient care. 3. China Study shows benefits of lower fat diet. more ... ...

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