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Care homes ban relatives who complain

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Health BBC

Care homes ban relatives who complain

Health BBC - Hundreds of care homes are banning relatives from visiting elderly residents over complaints about quality of care.

Time to talk

Health BBC - A Belfast woman speaks out for the first time in 17 years about suffering post-natal depression.

Human guinea-pig

Health BBC - A gifted plastic surgeon transformed Desmond O'Connell's life after a wartime crash left him with terrible burns.

Miscarriage can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder

Health BBC - Women who have recently had a miscarriage are at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, UK doctors say.

Diet and Health

Regular exercise and healthy diet can help you stay sharp

Diet and Health - “Factors such as adhering to a healthy lifestyle including a diet that is rich in essential nutrients, regular exercise engagement, and having an ...

Eating one egg a day may lower risk of stroke

Diet and Health - The research supports the idea that eggs can be part of a healthy diet. However, it didn't look at people's whole diet, so we don't know what else they ...

The Food Pyramid Of The Future

Diet and Health - I mean, if the food pyramid said eleven servings of cereal a day was healthy, then it must ... Unfortunately, the food pyramid was flawed from the start.

Whey protein 'helps improve vascular health', research claims

Diet and Health - Whey protein helps to reduce blood pressure and improve vascular health, according ... The findings 'may have important implications for public health', the ... as part of a healthy diet, to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, ...

junk food

Unbundling Fast Food: How These Funders are Promoting Ways to Reduce Junk Calories Served ...

junk food - Conducted by the NYU Langone Medical Center, the research found that children eating at the five major fast food chains consumed an average of ...

The Truth About 4 Diabetes Myths You Need to Know Today

junk food - “Also it's important to be wary of gluten-free junk food like cakes, cookies and pies. These treats can be just as unhealthy as the ones that aren't ...

Don't let sugary science skew the battle to regulate junk food

junk food - The sugar industry seems to have learned well from the tactics of the tobacco industry. If you want to head off regulation of your products despite ...

Taylor Swift Dating Drake? Super Fit Singer Leaves Rapper Impressed at His 30th Birthday Party

junk food - At the same time, Swift enjoys junk food like pizza, burgers, ice cream, and cookies. For her to enjoy these foods, she just spends extra time working ...

Adele speaks about her postnatal depression after the birth of her son
1. Adele speaks about her postnatal depression after the birth of her son Angelo. 2. Diet and Health - 7 Health Truths We Wish We Knew in Our 20s. 3. junk food - Beyond Access: What the Movement for Black Lives' Policy Says About Food. more ... ...

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