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Shaken baby evidence doctor reinstated

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Health BBC

Shaken baby evidence doctor reinstated

Health BBC - A doctor struck off the medical register for the evidence she gave in so called "shaken baby" cases, has been reinstated.

Ebola adapted to easily infect people

Health BBC - Ebola dramatically adapted to infect human tissues with ease in the first few months of the Ebola outbreak.

Wahaca: Hundreds ill due to 'norovirus outbreak'

Health BBC - More than 300 people are ill following a suspected outbreak of norovirus at a restaurant chain.

Child obesity rates 'on the rise'

Health BBC - Child obesity rates have shown a small rise in the past year in England, figures show.

Diet and Health

Health chief: obesity warning letters to parents must not be watered down

Diet and Health - Alison Tedstone, director of diet and obesity at Public Health England, said that removing 20% of sugar – 5% in the first year to August 2017 – from ...

Eat Your Vegetables for a Healthy, Tasty and Trusted Diet

Diet and Health - We love food. We salivate over it as we watch television commercials, spend hours enjoying it as we dine out with friends and family. And, if we fancy ...

5 Reasons to Fight for School Food Reform!

Diet and Health - The best preventative health initiative out there is a good diet. It reduces your risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. We know that healthy ...

Following celebrity diets like the ones Aniston or Zellweger follow could help with diabetes

Diet and Health - And exercising before an evening meal, thought to help with diabetes, .... The Mediterranean diet has been associated with good health, a long life ...

junk food

The Rolling Hunger: have food, will travel

junk food - A food truck in Longview is dishing up gourmet hot dogs, quarter-pound ... "Beef -based croquettes are the ultimate junk food in Amsterdam," said ...

Childhood obesity levels hit 'devastating record high'

junk food - “[government] has already recognised the influence of junk food marketing on children by banning junk food advertising during children's programmes ...

Paris chef serves up junk food feast

junk food - While most are governed by season, taste and fashion, for one Paris-based cook there's another factor that trumps all -- they have to be free. Aladdin ...

Dame Sally Davies says 'We need to go back to 3 proper meals a day'

junk food - Supermarkets would also have been forced to remove junk food from around check-outs and the end of aisles and junk-food advertising would have ...

Care homes ban relatives who complain
1. Care homes ban relatives who complain. 2. Diet and Health - Regular exercise and healthy diet can help you stay sharp. 3. junk food - Unbundling Fast Food: How These Funders are Promoting Ways to Reduce Junk Calories Served .... more ... ...

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