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Shea Morrissey: 'Co-sleeping' warning after baby death

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Shea Morrissey: 'Co-sleeping' warning after baby death

Health BBC - A coroner issues a warning about the dangers of "co-sleeping" after the death of a baby in County Antrim.

Stop junk food ads on kids' apps - WHO

Health BBC - Children need to be protected from the pervasive marketing of junk food to children through apps, social media and video blogs

Thousands of NHS staff may have paid too much tax

Health BBC - Tens of thousands of NHS workers could have overpaid income tax and national insurance, the BBC understands.

Going flat: 'Why I had a double mastectomy'

Health BBC - A series of striking images of women who have had double mastectomies has been featured in a US newspaper. Rebecca Pine was one of the women. Photos courtesy Miana Jun.

Diet and Health

Health-focused Nestle will always be home to KitKat: Chairman

Diet and Health - Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is confident that he will leave the world's largest food and beverage company next year with it well on track ...

The anti-inflammatory diet

Diet and Health - The following dietary guidelines can contribute to lowering inflammation: 1. ... Low-grade inflammation, diet composition and health: current research ...

TCM perspectives on vegetarianism

Diet and Health - According to the Huangdi Neijing, or also known as the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine, a healthy diet should have grains as the staple, along ...

See the secret thing Kenyan women are adding to their men's diet

Diet and Health - ... necessary) but today, with the health conscious man and his very health conscious woman, this meal has not been changed, it has been enriched.

junk food

Advertising junk food to children by BMJ talk medicine

junk food - Stream Advertising junk food to children by BMJ talk medicine from desktop or your mobile device.

Child obesity rates up again

junk food - Doctors, dietitians and health campaigners said ministers had failed to address the problem of junk food advertising and marketing to younger people.

Healthy eating superhero says kids would reject junk food if they knew whats in it

junk food - He said that kids get hooked on unhealthy junk foods like pop, chips and deep-fried fast food because of the aggressive advertising that uses movie ...

How much deforestation is our junk food addiction causing?

junk food - Junk food isn't necessarily part of a healthy diet, but its consumption is on the rise around the world. The problem with food like cookies, ice cream and ...

Shaken baby evidence doctor reinstated
1. Shaken baby evidence doctor reinstated. 2. Diet and Health - Health chief: obesity warning letters to parents must not be watered down. 3. junk food - The Rolling Hunger: have food, will travel. more ... ...

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