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'War on superbugs' like E. coli announced by government

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Health BBC

'War on superbugs' like E. coli announced by government

Health BBC - The government announces a new war against hospital superbugs after an increase in E. coli cases.

Mind's eye

Health BBC - Two in every 100 people have no ability to visualise images in their own heads - because of a condition called aphantasia.

Terrible news

Health BBC - Telling your child they are gravely ill is never going to be an easy task and the best advice can be hard to find with so much available.

Don't go to GP with runny nose, councils urge the sick

Health BBC - Simple self-care measures could end millions of unnecessary GP visits every year, say councils.

Diet and Health

LDL cholesterol levels may be improved by eating an avocado a day in obese individuals

Diet and Health - “We need to focus on getting people to eat a heart-healthy diet that includes avocados and other nutrient-rich sources of better fats,” says study author ...

Nutrition Conference Conflict

Diet and Health - This Oct. 16, 2016, photo shows the Kellogg's booth at an annual dietitians' conference, where company representatives explained the health benefits ...

UNL research shows nutritional, health potential of great northern bean

Diet and Health - The research demonstrated that supplementing the fatty diet with just 5 percent great northern beans resulted in a weight similar to that of the low-fat ...

More than a quarter of shoppers buy free-from products despite warnings they could be unhealthy

Diet and Health - Eating things which are more processed poses more hazards for your health than a diet which is rich in all the nutrients from a whole-food diet.

junk food

Stop junk food ads on kids' apps: WHO

junk food - Children need to be protected from pervasive junk food adverts in apps, social media and video blogs, the World Health Organization says. Its report ...

French school food wows US film-maker

junk food - “I think you have to educate children about food early on. ... Junk food is not encouraged and automatic distributors of drinks and snack foods have ...

Food and beverage companies are finding creative ways to reach kids online

junk food - These efforts are designed to trigger immediate purchases by reaching consumers when they are near a specific store or fast-food restaurant.

'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3: Annalise Keating Pregnant With Nate's Baby?

junk food - The lawyer has never craved this amount of junk food, or for that matter food in general, in any of the past seasons! Annalise, though a voracious ...

Self-care could cut need for millions of GP visits
1. Self-care could cut need for millions of GP visits. 2. Diet and Health - Your health: Four ways to eat to lower cholesterol. 3. junk food - Are you a millennial who binges on junk food? You could have a fatty liver. more ... ...

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