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Ulster Hospital inspection raises staff level concerns

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Health BBC

Ulster Hospital inspection raises staff level concerns

Health BBC - An inspection of the Ulster Hospital flags up issues with staffing levels, patient care records and training.

Occupational therapists call to cut hospital admissions

Health BBC - Thousands of hospital bed days could be saved every year if occupational therapists were used more to help patients, a report says.

Zika therapy 'works in the womb'

Health BBC - Scientists say they may have found a way to protect babies in the womb from the harmful effects of Zika.

Warning over non-lump breast cancers

Health BBC - Around one in six cases of breast cancer begins with symptoms other than a suspect lump, experts advise.

Diet and Health

The Best Weight Loss Apps All Healthy Diet Newbies Must Have on their iPhone

Diet and Health - Losing weight is smooth sailing for some, and endless struggle for others. Your decision to embark on the journey of getting rid of a few unnecessary ...

Chrissy Teigen Stuns with John Legend at Behind the Camera Awards: Lip Sync Battle Star's ...

Diet and Health - But that's not the only lip synching going in in Teigen's life—her lips are also synched to a healthy diet, making sure only nutrient-dense foods make ...

Seven Food Hacks To Stay Healthy On The Go

Diet and Health - Healthy eating may go right out of the window during holidays. ... You've probably heard of this type of diet referred to as the Paleo diet or eating like a ...

Is Healthy Eating Making You Fat?

Diet and Health - Scan the shelves of a health food shop and you will find bags of dried fruit that have more sugar added. As if the natural, concentrated sugar within the ...

junk food

New Studies Show Sugar's Impact On The Brain, And The News Is Not Good

junk food - Our bodies turn most of the food we eat into sugar. ... and virtually any processed foods like condiments, salad dressings, and junk food, fructose can ...

Here are Some Local Food Projects Doing Things Right

junk food - Corner stores are such a fixed and nondescript part of the urban landscape that few people pause to consider that these stores give junk food a virtual ...

World Health Organization Calls For an End to Junk Food Ads in Kids' Digital Media

junk food - The World Health Organization just published a report regarding online junk food advertisements targeted at children, and called for immediate action ...

Junk food ads on social media: WHO urges crackdown

junk food - In a report, the world body also urged parents to protect their children from junk food advertisements that pop up on mobile apps, social media and ...

School playground smoking ban in public health plan
1. School playground smoking ban in public health plan. 2. Diet and Health - Shay Mitchell's Stunning Looks in Pretty Little Liars: Lucy Hale's Co-Star Credits Balanced Diet. 3. junk food - Kendall Jenner Cleverly Disguised Her Nipples With Junk Food On Instagram. more ... ...

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