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Car seat warning for infants on long journeys

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Car seat warning for infants on long journeys

Health BBC - New research warns that infants under four weeks shouldn't travel in car seats for more than 30 minutes.

Virgin Care given £700m health contract in Bath and North East Somerset

Health BBC - A contract to provide community health and care in Bath and North East Somerset over the next seven years is approved for Virgin Care.

Junior doctors lift threat of strike action over contract

Health BBC - Junior doctors call off the threat of industrial action over their new contract.

How has life with HIV changed?

Health BBC - George, 22, who was recently diagnosed with HIV, meets 54-year-old Edwin, who was diagnosed 30 years ago, to discuss how different an HIV diagnosis was in the 1980s.

Diet and Health

From tomato sauce to colonic irrigation – 13 health fads that just don't work

Diet and Health - Diet fads are all ridiculous. But few are as ridiculous as Fletcherism. This was a highly lucrative health plan developed by Horace Fletcher in the late ...

Most healthy eating apps aren't all that healthy

Diet and Health - Among those apps are many that promise to improve your diet, nutrition or eating habits - usually by tracking what you eat and telling you off when you ...

10 superfoods you can include in your daily diet to cut diabetes risk

Diet and Health - A diabetic should have a diet that is low in carbohydrates and calories, moderate in healthy fats and naturally rich in nutrients with key food elements ...

How your DIET may be affecting your HEALTH

Diet and Health - But very often we choose a diet that is solely for weight loss, when it should instead be more rounded, to also focus on being healthy. What you eat can ...

junk food

Junk Food ACDC Shirts

junk food - Junk Food ACDC - 2 Small Adult - $6/Each Junk Food ACDC - 1 Small Youth - $4 Junk Food ACDC - 1 Large Youth New - $4.

Forget the sweet tooth, your 'craving for salty junk food is written in your DNA'

junk food - "Genetic factors that influence taste aren't necessarily obvious to people, but they can impact heart health by influencing the foods they select.".

Going digital has helped food pantry cut waste and better serve clients

junk food - Each person can spend up to 100 “points” — up to 500 points per family — on 26 food items, with healthy food costing significantly less than junk food.

What Happens Next in the Food Movement is Why Civil Eats Matters

junk food - And it was the first national news site to report on the Navajo Nation's new junk food tax (with media partner Mother Jones) and helped catalyze a ...

Car seat warning for infants on long journeys
1. Car seat warning for infants on long journeys. 2. Diet and Health - The Art of Eating High-Fat Food Without Actually Getting Fat. 3. junk food - The Question: Will 'no fry zones' curb childhood obesity?. more ... ...

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