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Union boss in ‘urgent need of a heart transplant’

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Health BBC

Union boss in ‘urgent need of a heart transplant’

Health BBC - Union boss Mark Serwotka on urgent transplant list after a virus he caught while walking his dog led to heart failure

Australian woman gets pregnant twice in 10 days

Health BBC - An Australian woman gives birth to twins conceived 10 days apart after having hormone treatment.

Call for assistant nurse role rethink

Health BBC - The creation of new nursing assistant posts should be scrapped and money invested in "real nurses", experts say.

Breast cancer 'more often advanced' in black women

Health BBC - Black women in England are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer than white women.

Diet and Health

Why Tall Women Should Eat Their Vegetables

Diet and Health - But when the researchers studied the women's lifestyle factors, including diet, they found that tall women who reported eating a healthy diet fared ...

Diet rich in fat ups risk of major eye disease

Diet and Health - Diets rich in fat can bring such changes in the bacterial communities of your gut that they can eventually increase risk of developing age-related ...

Yo-yo diet WARNING: Post menopausal women could TRIPLE risk of dying from heart attack

Diet and Health - Lead author of the new study Dr Somwail Rasla, from Brown University in the US, said: “Weight cycling is an emerging global health concern ...

Want To Prevent The Flu? Skip The Supplements, Eat Your Veggies

Diet and Health - "We know for a healthy immune system you need a healthy diet," says Joan Salge Blake, a registered dietitian nutritionist and clinical associate ...

junk food

The junk food abyss

junk food - As the popularity of devouring junk food in Pakistan is getting higher, people of various social strata are jumping onto the same bandwagon. Fast food ...

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

junk food - Fruits and vegetables are the fastest-transient foods, meaning they won't ... with good complex carbs and help your body stop cravings for junk food.

Diabetes Rather Than Terrorism May Emerge as Biggest Risk to Indians

junk food - Long working hours, a sedentary lifestyle and rising junk food culture is contributing to the rise in diabetes in India, according to experts. All these ...

Junk Food

junk food - I really enjoyed this illustration, so I decided to go back and add color to it. Now I like it even more and I'm considering m...

Northern Ireland mental health targets not being met
1. Northern Ireland mental health targets not being met. 2. Diet and Health - Mexico Declares Public Health Emergency Over Obesity, Diabetes. 3. junk food - 'A Year in the Life'. more ... ...

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