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Zika virus 'no longer an emergency' - WHO

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Zika virus 'no longer an emergency' - WHO

Health BBC - The World Health Organization says the Zika virus needs "enduring action" not emergency status now.

Proportion of teenage mothers at 'lowest in decades'

Health BBC - The proportion of women having at least one child by age 20 has fallen to its lowest level in decades, the ONS says.

Is cryonics ethical?

Health BBC - We tackle some of the ethical issues around preserving bodies cryogenically after death.

How painkillers from dentist led to heroin addiction and prison

Health BBC - Former heroin addict Chris Foltz tells the BBC's World Have Your Say how a prescription for painkillers from a dentist, led him to heroin addiction and prison.

Diet and Health

Arthritis cure? Painful symptoms of condition could be eased by following THIS diet

Diet and Health - ARTHRITIS can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen - and symptoms of the condition can often be eased if people eat foods with ...

Lower salt diet keeps heart, kidney healthy

Diet and Health - Animal studies have shown that increasing salt intake increases the amount of protein excreted in the urine and markedly increases the rate of ...

Diet tip: Add avocado extract to your food to prevent bacterial illness

Diet and Health - Food products formulated without synthetic additives can be harmful for health, therefore food scientists are looking for ways to replace synthetic ...

Reliance on food pantries can make healthy eating difficult

Diet and Health - People who rely on food pantries for their meals may not receive enough dairy, fruits or vegetables to get all the nutrients they need for a healthy diet, ...

junk food

Junk Food Long Sleeve T Shirt

junk food - ... it winds up in someone else's closet! checkout now. Brand. IN YOUR CART. order a clean out kit. Junk Food Girls Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size S (Kids).

Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

junk food - “I always tell my clients they can feed human food, as long as it is healthy. Nothing rich or spicy,” Vega said. “Junk food for us is junk food for them, so if ...

Reduce fats through baby steps: A complete guide

junk food - Carrying those extra pounds around your belly will always remind you the unhealthy food you have consumed. There is nothing objecting to consume ...

Proportion of teenage mothers at 'lowest in decades'
1. Proportion of teenage mothers at 'lowest in decades'. 2. Diet and Health - Proper nutrition promotes good mental health, keeps you stress free. 3. junk food - Earthquake relief groups in region lend helping hands to quake towns. more ... ...

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