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Health BBC - Mental health campaign Time To Change gets £20m boost

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Health BBC

Mental health campaign Time To Change gets £20m boost

Health BBC - A campaign that aims to tackle the stigma around mental health is given £20m in funding from the Department of Health, Comic Relief and Big Lottery Fund.

ESA benefit payments: Re-tests axed for chronically ill claimants

Health BBC - Campaign groups welcome moves to end repeated medical assessments for thousands of people claiming the main benefit for long-term sickness.

Man on mission

Health BBC - A fellow student's death has spurred meningitis survivor Lyndon Longhorne to renew his campaign to make young people aware of the disease.

Chocolate Compulsion

Health BBC - The man with Type 2 diabetes who is fighting his sugar compulsion.

Diet and Health

(Healthy) Mind over matter: How stress can affect your diet

Diet and Health - Despite its popularity, a healthy diet is a goal that many have a hard time consistently following. Part of the struggle for the consistency is due to ...

When healthy eating crosses over into obsession

Diet and Health - Yes, even "healthy" food choices can become an impediment to living a ... into articles and advice on your diet, then there may be cause for concern.

Is food addiction real?

Diet and Health - Food · Restaurant Reviews · Health Inspections · Recipes · Wine & Spirits · Elisa Ung · Community · Celebrations · Clubs & Organizations · Events & ...

Making Sure 'Healthy' Means What It Says on Food Labels

Diet and Health - Most consumers have learned to read food packages to learn about calorie counts, sodium amounts, and vitamin and mineral content in the foods they ...

junk food

5 Strategies for Winning the Health Game Even When Your Favorite Team Loses

junk food - A market research firm, NPD Food World, collected the data on food ... the video of the French team's loss tended to choose junk food, like chocolate, ...

Pete Cashmore: Food glorious food - Hamming up a hot dog & a huge pizza!

junk food - There's something of a foodie flavour to this week's column. Two of the things I'm going to be pondering involve the kind of junk food that makes up 95 ...

Journal Times editorial: $56K to study the Freshman 15

junk food - According to the Beacon report, the researchers are focusing on whether junk food has been “overlooked” when studying why college freshmen gain ...

Ban them!

junk food - ... Hassell wants an end to the promotion and advertising of junk foods in schools and an end to junk food sponsorship and support for school activities ...

Health BBC - ESA benefit payments: Re-tests axed for chronically ill claimants
1. Health BBC - ESA benefit payments: Re-tests axed for chronically ill claimants. 2. Diet and Health - 'Food should be our medicine' - Darina Allen's 12 top tips to eating well. 3. junk food - Get rid of acne from the inside. more ... ...

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