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Health BBC - Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%

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Health BBC

Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%

Health BBC - The number of medical school places will increase by 25% in 2018 as ministers unveil plans to make the NHS in England "self-sufficient" in training doctors.

Most areas 'struggling' on cancer care

Health BBC - More than eight in 10 areas need to improve if England is going to meet its ambitious target of developing "world class" cancer care by 2020, according to an analysis by NHS bosses.

Pressure to look perfect hits girls' confidence, say Guides

Health BBC - Girls in the UK are markedly less confident about their looks than they were five years ago, suggests research by Girlguiding.

Urine test for CJD 'a possibility'

Health BBC - UK scientists believe urine could be used for a quick and simple way to test for CJD or "human mad cow disease".

Diet and Health

11 Healthy Diet Changes For Better Skin, No Matter What

Diet and Health - There are a number of healthy diet changes you can make for better skin, and it's probably a lot cheaper to start eating more kale than to keep getting ...

Homeland Season 6 Cast: Claire Danes and Rupert Friend's Workout & Diet Secrets

Diet and Health - Danes also finds sleep important for her overall health and wellness. She tries to get eight to nine hours of sleep per night. As for diet, she prefers to ...

IU Health Arnett talks diet during Breast Cancer Awareness month series

Diet and Health - “That includes diet, maintaining a healthy weight and physical activity or ... Proper nutrition during treatment is also crucial because some treatments ...

Grenga Health Introduces the Faith-Filled Detox™ Program

Diet and Health - Although the focus is on creating and maintaining a healthy diet, the gluten-free and paleo diets are discussed. In addition, healthy and sustainable ...

junk food


junk food - Find Junk Food Men's Fashion and Accessories from Macy's at Westfield. Browse the latest styles online and buy from a Westfield store.

Mac N' Cheetos Pizza Is The Devil's Triad Of Delicious Cheeses, Forever May It Reign

junk food - Combining all the best parts of food known to man, JP Lambiase of Hellthy Junk Food has made one of the best snack dishes of all time. I hope you ...

This Gene Mutation May Make You Crave More Greasy Food (And Shrink Your Sweet Tooth)

junk food - We all love eating junk food even though we know it's not part of a healthy diet. Some of us prefer burgers and fries that widen our waistlines, while ...

Wiz Khalifa Announces New Clothing Line Inspired by Son Sebastian

junk food - Wiz Khalifa is teaming up with L.A.-based fashion retailer Junk Food Clothing to launch a father-son line inspired by his own son, 3-year-old Sebastian ...

Health BBC - Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban
1. Health BBC - Black Monday: Polish women strike against abortion ban. 2. Diet and Health - Regular Red Meat Consumption, Including Pork, Linked to Kidney Decline in Study. 3. junk food - Could Canada's next agricultural opportunity lie in the ocean?. more ... ...

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