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Health BBC - Limit to human life may be 115 (ish)

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Health BBC

Limit to human life may be 115 (ish)

Health BBC - Our life spans appear to be limited to about 115 years, according to US scientists.

Pokemon Go 'increases risk of death by distraction'

Health BBC - Researchers describe the injuries sustained by two people admitted to an accident and emergency unit in Arizona, which were connected to the popular monster-catching augmented reality smartphone game.

Wirral health chiefs scrap homeopathy funding

Health BBC - Wirral health bosses are stopping funding for homeopathy after "overwhelming consensus" to end the practice.

Taste for high-fat food 'in our genes'

Health BBC - Some people are genetically wired to prefer the taste of fatty foods, putting them at increased risk of obesity, according to researchers.

Diet and Health

Long commute to work linked to poor diet, stress and high blood pressure

Diet and Health - The average UK commuter adds almost 800 calories to their diet every week as a ... Almost two in five (38%) spent less time preparing healthy meals.

Almonds and avocados become 'healthy' under new FDA definition

Diet and Health - As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's definition of “healthy” evolves, foods that consumers and public health advocates often considered healthy ...

Best Diet for Health? Careful, It Bites!

Diet and Health - Maybe this is the all time, quintessential “man bites dog” story: we know what the best diet for human health is, but instead of sinking our teeth into it, ...

Free health fair educates Springfield community

Diet and Health - A thundering beat rang out through the Health Expo at the Hollenbeck ... on Women’s Health, Bone and Joint Health, Heart Health and Diet and ...

junk food

Warning as teens admit to snacking on junk twice a day

junk food - A NUTRITIONIST has warned about the dangers of teenagers eating fast foods as a national survey revealed more young people than ever are ...

Raining froyo: Orange Leaf makes first delivery by drone

junk food - Frozen food delivery via drone might have started with junk food — a la 7-Eleven's Slurpee delivery — but better-for-you food is jumping on the ...

Wiz Khalifa Launches Clothing Line Inspired by Son Sebastian

junk food - Wiz Khalifa is throwing his hat into the fashion business, speaking to People yesterday (Oct. 4) about his new clothing line with retailer Junk Food ...

The woman campaigning to rid TV of junk food advertising

junk food - Debbie, 56, of Goldstone Crescent in Dunstable, explains: “We'd like to remove everything relating to junk food when children are watching.

Health BBC - Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%
1. Health BBC - Student doctor numbers to rise by 25%. 2. Diet and Health - 11 Healthy Diet Changes For Better Skin, No Matter What. 3. junk food - Men's. more ... ...

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