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Health BBC - UK Ebola nurse in 'stable' condition in hospital

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Health BBC

UK Ebola nurse in 'stable' condition in hospital

Health BBC - The Scottish nurse who was treated for Ebola after returning from West Africa in 2014 is taken to hospital under police escort.

Meningitis teenager shares photos to raise awareness

Health BBC - A young woman who was nearly killed by meningitis shares photos of her rash-covered body in an attempt to raise awareness of the disease.

Breast cancer risk 'not increased' by night shifts

Health BBC - Working night shifts has "little or no effect" on a woman's risk of developing breast cancer, new research suggests.

Millions wasted?

Health BBC - Nick Triggle answers a reader's question on why the NHS continues to fund homeopathy in the UK.

Diet and Health

Seven in 10 deaths fuelled by diet and lifestyle factors, study finds

Diet and Health - And although UK adults are living longer, millions are finding their later years blighted by poor health, the study found. On average, women can expect ...

Opticians raise awareness about healthy diet

Diet and Health - Wardale Williams, on Halstead High Street, have been talking to residents about how eating foods high in certain vitamins can help to protect your ...

A shifting perception of responsibility for healthy diet makes food policy political touch point

Diet and Health - A significant shift in the percentage of Americans who now believe society, rather than individuals, hold primary responsibility for choosing healthy ...

Registered Dietician Recommends Meat In The Diet Despite WHO Stance

Diet and Health - World Health Summit attendees in Berlin next week will dine on a meatless Monday Menu. The menu is a sign of endorsing a global Meatless Monday ...

junk food

Determination, self-discipline and self-belief

junk food - I think that as social media influencers, we should be careful about promoting bad eating habits and junk food and then not working out or having ...

Ask A Scientist: Why does BP rise when we are angry?

junk food - Other things you can do to keep a healthy blood pressure are: 1) eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, 2) don't eat junk food like chips and fast ...

Study finds new approach to block binge eating

junk food - "Our data show that RO5256390 was able to block binge eating of the sugary diet, blocked the strength of cues associated with junk food and blocked ...

There's only one thing to do after a weekend of…

junk food - So when I walked off the plane (or should I say, I rolled off) late Sunday afternoon, I was not only filled with a weekend of junk food, but also with a ...

Health BBC - Limit to human life may be 115 (ish)
1. Health BBC - Limit to human life may be 115 (ish). 2. Diet and Health - Long commute to work linked to poor diet, stress and high blood pressure. 3. junk food - Warning as teens admit to snacking on junk twice a day. more ... ...

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