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Health BBC - Cancer drug 'helped me totally enjoy life'

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Health BBC

Cancer drug 'helped me totally enjoy life'

Health BBC - A new cancer drug has been described as a potential "game changer", after promising results in the treatment of head and neck cancers.

Immunotherapy cancer drug hailed as 'game changer'

Health BBC - An immunotherapy drug is described as a potential "game changer" in promising trial results on advanced cancers.

Testosterone on NHS 'could help boost women's libido'

Health BBC - Women should be offered testosterone on the NHS to boost their flagging sex drives, a doctor has suggested.

Marie Stopes promises to learn from abortion mistakes

Health BBC - Marie Stopes International has resumed pregnancy terminations seven weeks after they were suspended because of "serious concerns" about patient safety.

Diet and Health

When clean eating, raw food diets turn into Orthorexia

Diet and Health - 19th century humorist Oscar Wilde may have been ahead of his time when he advised: "Everything in moderation - including moderation." Experts are ...

Weekly health news roundup: Tinnitus, chronic kidney disease, schizophrenia, blood pressure, and ...

Diet and Health - tinnitus-diet This weekly health news roundup presents the latest news on tinnitus, chronic kidney disease, schizophrenia, blood pressure, and ...

Sorting out heart-health suggestions

Diet and Health - A. We all respond to diet and exercise differently, but in general, a heart-healthy diet focuses on reducing known risks for heart disease, such as high ...

Health secrets: Go For Cheese

Diet and Health - A slice of cheese may provide your child about the same amount of nutrition as a cup of milk would. However, cheese is processed food and usually ...

junk food

Food destined for the bin served to wedding guests

junk food - The couple opted for a wedding breakfast with food that was destined for the tip. It was provided by the Manchester branch of Real Junk Food Project, ...

France should be 'a paradise for food': How a passionate contrarian is fighting for tradition

junk food - The Global Panel report also claims that by 2050, junk food alone will cause more disease than tobacco, alcohol and unprotected sex taken together.

Waste Not, Want Not - how to stop food waste

junk food - Corin Bell of the Real Junk Food Project will be joined by other activists keen to reduce food waste - Ian Tenant, Vera Zakharov, Love Food Hate ...

usa news 2016 trending TV #boycott junk food = palm oil #starbucks

junk food - USA News 2016 Trending Tv #politics wall st crimes starbucks corporation #starbucks CEO guilty for crimes against humanity and the Earth (World ...

Health BBC - Marie Stopes promises to learn from abortion mistakes
1. Health BBC - Marie Stopes promises to learn from abortion mistakes. 2. Diet and Health - Vegan mom charged with child endangerment. 3. junk food - Oman health: More than you can chew. more ... ...

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