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Health BBC - Is health service transgender friendly?

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Health BBC

Is health service transgender friendly?

Health BBC - Nurse Kirsty Cass looks at how transgender-friendly the health service is.

Care sector woes leave frail at risk, regulator says

Health BBC - The whole care market for older and disabled people in England could be at risk, the official regulator says.

Cannabis-based products are medicine, says regulator

Health BBC - Products that contain a cannabis-based ingredient called cannabidiol or CBD are medicines, UK regulatory body the MHRA says.

Mentally ill prisoners left untreated says whistleblower

Health BBC - Prisoners with serious mental health issues are not being treated, a whistleblower tells the BBC.

Diet and Health

junk food

New York City Food and Wine Festival: What to See and Eat

junk food - The annual NYC Food and Wine Festival kicks off on Thursday with some of the biggest ... Plus, Berg'n is just a great location for a big Brooklyn food party. ... Oct. 16, 12:30 p.m.) — Let's get back to junk-food basics with wings, BBQ, ...

Cancer charity calls for obesity action as 1.6M start school overweight

junk food - Tighter controls on 'junk food' advertising is one of the measures demanded by Cancer Research UK on World Obesity Day (October 11), after ...

Junk food 4t

junk food - Junk food 4t ♢. Asking $3. Posted by Andrea. Posted in Clothing, Baby & Toddler Boys, Tops, 4T in Erie PA, Garage Sale · Contact seller.

New figures reveal alarming childhood obesity rates in the UK

junk food - A widespread complaint of the strategy was that it failed to restrict the advertising of junk food through television, social media and other websites.

Health BBC - Battling bulimia
1. Health BBC - Battling bulimia. 2. Diet and Health - With Cost Of Health Insurance For Gov't Employees At $165 Million Annually, Mapp, Davis, Head .... 3. junk food - Above All Else, Kolkata's Durga Puja Fervour Fuelled By Food. more ... ...

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