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Health board fined over missing pensioner

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Health BBC

Health board fined over missing pensioner

Health BBC - A health board is fined £8,000 for failing to ensure the health and safety of a pensioner who was found dead a week after going missing from a hospital.

Healthy mice from lab-grown eggs

Health BBC - Japanese scientists say they have created healthy baby mice from eggs they made entirely in the lab using a sample of mouse skin cells.

Threat to name NHS trusts over high agency spending

Health BBC - NHS bosses are threatening to "name and shame" trusts in England as they try to crack down on agency spending.

Shaken baby

Health BBC - A doctor who disputed the existence of shaken baby syndrome says she was struck off because her views challenged the establishment, as Newsnight's John Sweeney explains.

Diet and Health

Dieticians/Hackensack UMC help patients navigate the aisles of good health

Diet and Health - Certain patients from HackensackUMC whose doctors have determined need guidance in nutrition and healthy food choices are connected with one ...

Trying to become pregnant? Avoid diet drinks: Women who regularly consume artificial sweeteners ...

Diet and Health - They found drinkers of both diet and sugared drinks were more likely to ... 'Artificial sweeteners are used by the health conscious to manage calorie ...

This new diet can help you live longer

Diet and Health - The Nordic diet also focuses on eating seasonally, with dairy - although not necessarily as we know it - playing a huge part in promoting health and ...

Dr. Rao of Diet Doc Recommends Temporary Gluten Restriction Before Embarking on Gluten-Free ...

Diet and Health - Gluten containing foods have been linked to many health issues, from ... Diet Doc reviews each patient's health history to create a personalized diet ...

junk food

10000 calorie challenge: The YouTubers eating piles of food to impress their fans

junk food - ... thousands of videos, and while each YouTuber has their own take on the challenge most use it as a chance to gorge as much junk food as possible.

It's OK for toddlers to be fussy eaters. What about when you're grown up?

junk food - Is this partly a symptom of modern malaise: too much choice, too little patience and too much exposure to highly palatable junk food that makes real ...

One in 3 women is undernourished: professor Jamuna Prakash | Mysore NYOOOZ

junk food - Summary: "Food security refers to continuous availability and accessibility to ... Youths are having more junk foods, which is causing various health ...

One in 3 women is undernourished: professor Jamuna Prakash

junk food - "There is an increase in demand for food and dietary habits have changed over the years. Youths are having more junk foods, which is causing ...

Investigation over cancer 'cure' GcMAF in health food shop
1. Investigation over cancer 'cure' GcMAF in health food shop. 2. Diet and Health - Health food fad or fact? The truth behind some of the most popular products on supermarket shelves. 3. junk food - Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner Look Super Fit at 'Arrival' Movie Conference in London. more ... ...

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