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Joshua Titcombe death: Midwife Lindsey Biggs struck off

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Joshua Titcombe death: Midwife Lindsey Biggs struck off

Health BBC - A midwife whose failings contributed to the death of a baby boy in Cumbria is banned from practising.

Hair straighteners pose child burn risk

Health BBC - Ten-month-old Joshua is one of hundreds of children admitted to hospital each year after being burned by hair straighteners.

Severe symptoms

Health BBC - Some experts believe "extreme" side-effects of antidepressants are more common than was previously thought. Some users say the tablets have made them suicidal.

Bad blood

Health BBC - When Brryan Jackson's father injected his infant son with HIV-infected blood, he hoped he'd never see him grow up. More than two decades later, he's full of life and hope for the future.

Diet and Health

Holly Willoughby Looks Slim in Halloween Costume: This Morning Presenter Follows Healthy Diet ...

Diet and Health - Holly Willoughby's on holiday from her job as co-host of This Morning, but that doesn't mean she's sitting around being lazy. She showed off a picture ...

Is a vegetarian diet better for the heart?

Diet and Health - Consuming a vegetarian diet has been associated with greater health ... suggested that going vegetarian provides numerous heart-health benefits.

Weight Loss Health Benefits: Drinking Water Instead Of Diet Beverages May Help Diabetes Patients

Diet and Health - Being overweight puts you at risk for serious health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and high ...

Atlanta Physicians Prescribe Food as Medicine for Nov. 1 Health Challenge

Diet and Health - 1, 2016, four Atlanta physicians prescribe a plant-based diet to help ... their family has the same health problems,” says Jennifer Rooke, M.D., M.P.H., ...

junk food

Healthy food nearby eases urge to seek poorer choices

junk food - “I start seeing all those commercials for fast food and junk food. I start to get hungry. If I have some fruit in there with me, if I don't have to get up off the ...

Katherine Heigl Laughs About Pregnancy Cravings And 'Baby Brain': 'I Feel Absolutely No ...

junk food - Katherine Heigl, who is due to give birth in January, 2017, revealed that she is trying “really hard” to stop eating junk food and that she has even ...

Hillary Clinton's Massive Secret Service Security Breach Exposed; Reporter's Broke In Undetected

junk food - Pictures were taken on October 5 showing an embarrassing scene of junk food trash scattered around. Despite being promised protection by Secret ...

Airline Takes Local Food Revolution to the Skies

junk food - Her newest project operates under a similar ethos: "Just because you bought an airline ticket doesn't mean you want to eat junk food," she added.

Welsh budget: Labour promises extra £240m for NHS
1. Welsh budget: Labour promises extra £240m for NHS. 2. . 3. junk food - The secret is in the diet. more ... ...

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