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In search of a cure

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In search of a cure

Health BBC - BBC Radio 5 live finds out how patients fare when they go abroad in search on pioneering cancer treatments.

Pharmacy plan 'could lead to High Street closures'

Health BBC - Thousands of High Street pharmacies in England could face closure after ministers confirmed plans to alter the funding system and make cuts.

An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog

Health BBC - An autistic boy who can't be touched or hugged by anyone has connected with someone for the first time - his new service dog.

Artwork depicts 21st century threats to health

Health BBC - A new piece of art commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health reimagines William Hogarth's classic 1751 cartoon Gin Lane for the 21st Century.

Diet and Health

Ariana Grande Instagrams Dangerous Woman Tour Dancing Photos: Super Fit Singer Looks ...

Diet and Health - She now consumes fresh and organic foods in her diet, which have helped her improve her health and eradicate her health issues. Her weight loss is ...

Childhood cancer survivors with poor diet at risk of chronic illness

Diet and Health - She goes on to say that "survivors of childhood cancer have a high prevalence of chronic health problems that may be exacerbated by poor nutrition.

Calcium Supplements: Not Heart-Smart?

Diet and Health - A whole-food, plant-based diet, in particular, has health benefits that have been proven time and again – the data is vast and consistent. The data ...

More is not always better when it comes to calcium supplements

Diet and Health - “I would advise my patients that eating a healthy, balanced diet is likely superior to trying to obtain nutrients via multivitamins or other supplements,” ...

junk food

Food at the heart of healthy and sustainable cities

junk food - Urban health issues such as air pollution, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets are major global threats to development. Yet, if smart and integrated ...

If You Want Your Teenage Kids to Eat Healthy, Try Reverse Psychology

junk food - Driving fast is actually very fun. ... as something objectively hip—don't even try, olds—but as a rebellion against manipulative junk-food corporations.

Emma Roberts Flaunts Slim Figure with Evan Peters, Scream Queens Star Enjoys Organic Food ...

junk food - She sticks with eating healthy foods instead of processed or junk food. She primarily consumes organic food, which not only keep her fit but also ...

Seasons by the Sea: Childhood Favorites

junk food - Some of these items (most seem to be in the junk food category) have been reformulated into a “healthier” version, less trans fats, less partially ...

Joshua Titcombe death: Midwife Lindsey Biggs struck off
1. Joshua Titcombe death: Midwife Lindsey Biggs struck off. 2. Diet and Health - Holly Willoughby Looks Slim in Halloween Costume: This Morning Presenter Follows Healthy Diet .... 3. junk food - Healthy food nearby eases urge to seek poorer choices. more ... ...

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