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In search of a cure

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In search of a cure

Health BBC - BBC Radio 5 live finds out how patients fare when they go abroad in search on pioneering cancer treatments.

Pharmacy plan 'could lead to High Street closures'

Health BBC - Thousands of High Street pharmacies in England could face closure after ministers confirmed plans to alter the funding system and make cuts.

An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog

Health BBC - An autistic boy who can't be touched or hugged by anyone has connected with someone for the first time - his new service dog.

Artwork depicts 21st century threats to health

Health BBC - A new piece of art commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health reimagines William Hogarth's classic 1751 cartoon Gin Lane for the 21st Century.

Diet and Health

Could a cup of COFFEE help protect you from going BLIND?

Diet and Health - Scientists have discovered that a daily espresso, teamed with a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, has a protective effect on the eyes. They found ...

Sweetened drinks, including diet drinks, may raise diabetes risk

Diet and Health - Other unhealthy lifestyle factors like smoking and poor diet in general were also linked ... Participants completed a health and lifestyle questionnaire.

Kate Hudson Celebrates Fabletics' 3rd Anniversary, Goldie Hawn's Daughter Indulges in Big Cake ...

Diet and Health - Healthy eating is healthy eating, and when you have a healthy diet, you're ... The alkaline diet takes things a bit further, and Hudson says her diet ...

Put Your Child on a 'Media Diet,' Says Expert Pediatric Panel

Diet and Health - The panel on Friday issued comprehensive guidelines on creating a healthy “media diet” for kids of every age. These new policy recommendations, ...

junk food

Wiz Khalifa on Son Sebastian's Style: 'Daddy Dresses Him Best!'

junk food - So I dress him how I would dress myself,” Khalifa, 29, recently told Yahoo Celebrity while promoting his new BASH by Junk Food collection at Junk ...

Animal Files: The secret to finding the right pet food

junk food - What kind of food do you feed your family? Do you go to fast food joints every single night, or do you prefer home-cooked meals? Do you eat junk food ...

Shay Mitchell on SELF Cover: Pretty Little Liars Star Loves Pizza but also Follows Healthy Food ...

junk food - Mitchell prepared hard for the SELF magazine November cover, but the preparations didn't include abandoning junk food. She posted on Instagram ...

Unhealthy children's meals and menus at UK's most famous tourist attractions revealed

junk food - With half-term fast approaching, thousands of families will be heading to some of the UK's most famous tourist attractions for an educational day out.

In search of a cure
1. In search of a cure. 2. Diet and Health - Ariana Grande Instagrams Dangerous Woman Tour Dancing Photos: Super Fit Singer Looks .... 3. junk food - Food at the heart of healthy and sustainable cities. more ... ...

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