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In search of a cure

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In search of a cure

Health BBC - BBC Radio 5 live finds out how patients fare when they go abroad in search on pioneering cancer treatments.

Pharmacy plan 'could lead to High Street closures'

Health BBC - Thousands of High Street pharmacies in England could face closure after ministers confirmed plans to alter the funding system and make cuts.

An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog

Health BBC - An autistic boy who can't be touched or hugged by anyone has connected with someone for the first time - his new service dog.

Artwork depicts 21st century threats to health

Health BBC - A new piece of art commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health reimagines William Hogarth's classic 1751 cartoon Gin Lane for the 21st Century.

Diet and Health

GARDEN VIEW: Plant-based diet lowers cancer risk

Diet and Health - GARDEN VIEW: Plant-based diet lowers cancer risk ... adding fresh vegetables and fruits to our diet is a great way to improve our health, protect our ...

The Proof Is In The Oatmeal For Local Health Food Start-Up

Diet and Health - Holly's Oatmeal was getting into specialty markets and health food stores, and she was getting discovered by online customers around the country as ...

Mediterranean Diet and Caffeine May Lower the Risk of Age-related Macular Disease

Diet and Health - The Meditteranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, fish and healthy fats which can benefit the heart and lower the risk of having ...

The Great Fitness Debate: Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan or Vegetarian -- Which Diet Works Best?

Diet and Health - Farmers markets in New Zealand are rapidly growing in popularity as people seek more healthy, fresh and nutritious alternatives to supermarket food.

junk food

Let's Have a GILMORE GIRLS Viewing Party and Eat All The Things

junk food - But you can't just survive on coffee alone; you need food too! Junk food is a fifth food group for Lorelai and Rory, so make sure your party table is ...

Junk Food

junk food - Junk Food | Doughnut. by Caseyillustrates on Oct 22, 2016. Junk Food | ... Junk Food | Ice Cream. by Caseyillustrates · Follow Following Blocked ...

Nutrition labeling: testing criticized by researchers

junk food - To fight against junk food, food packaging should be more readable. The four competitors color codes have been established in 60 locations in four ...

Food Detectives series to serve up facts about the food we eat

junk food - Which is where Food Detectives comes in. ... Tom Kerridge, Sean Fletcher and Professor Alice Roberts in Food ... So is it junk food or a health food?".

In search of a cure
1. In search of a cure. 2. Diet and Health - Could a cup of COFFEE help protect you from going BLIND?. 3. junk food - Wiz Khalifa on Son Sebastian's Style: 'Daddy Dresses Him Best!'. more ... ...

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