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Bengoa review: Ambitious health care shake-up unveiled

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Health BBC

Bengoa review: Ambitious health care shake-up unveiled

Health BBC - Northern Ireland health minister unveils a 10-year plan to reform a health system 'at breaking point'.

Do you have a question about healthy lifestyles?

Health BBC - Want to shape our coverage? Tell us what question on health and lifestyle you'd like us to investigate.

The 30-second chat that can trigger weight loss

Health BBC - Doctors who spend 30 seconds telling patients they need to lose weight can have a dramatic impact, a study shows.

Councils 'don't pay fair price for care'

Health BBC - Nine out of 10 councils in the UK are failing to pay realistic prices to support older and disabled people in their own homes, the industry says.

Diet and Health

Supermarket Confusion: Consultations begin for revised food guide

Diet and Health - Calling all Canadians to have your voices heard in the creation of a New Canada's Food Guide as part of a Healthy Eating Strategy for Canada.

Canada to revise healthy eating guidelines

Diet and Health - To this end, regulators are launching a consultation on Health Canada's Food Guide. The department said it wants the new guidelines to reflect the ...

DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH: How to Beat the Double-Whammy of Diabetes & Menopause ...

Diet and Health - In addition to maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and daily exercising diabetic women in menopause can ease symptoms with the ...

Canada's Dietary Guide Revised to Include Latest Science

Diet and Health - 25 Oct 2016 --- Canada's official dietary guidance is being revised to include the latest scientific evidence on health and diet - and Canadians can ...

junk food

Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss Update: “Gogglebox” Star Shows Off Slender Body on 26th Birthday

junk food - Although she was a size six in her teens, she piled on the pounds by becoming a “professional couch potato” and eating excess amounts of junk food.

Don't Like Monsanto? Then You Should Be Pro-GMO, Not Anti. Here's Why.

junk food - A scapegoat for real and perceived agricultural and food system ills, the acronym conjures visions of monoculture, pesticides, chemicals, junk food, ...

Wide impacts of poor nutrition in the Caribbean

junk food - Following an intensive study in Jamaica on the cost of healthy foods verses unhealthy foods, Dr Henry said that it has been shown that healthy food ...

Sam Bailey reveals she's had Botox and has put on 21lbs after junk food binges

junk food - X FACTOR queen Sam Bailey has admitted having Botox because she was “scared” about how old she looked – and confessed the cosmetic ...

Diabetes: Tenth of adults at risk of disease by 2035
1. Diabetes: Tenth of adults at risk of disease by 2035. 2. Diet and Health - Canada Food Guide to get overhaul as part of healthy eating strategy. 3. junk food - Watchdog group demands FTC set guildelines to stop 'influencer marketing' to children. more ... ...

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