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HIV Patient Zero cleared by science

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HIV Patient Zero cleared by science

Health BBC - One of the most demonised patients in history - Gaetan Dugas - has been convincingly cleared of reports he spread HIV to the US, say scientists.

Mosquito army released in Zika fight in Brazil & Colombia

Health BBC - Scientists are planning to release millions of modified mosquitoes in urban areas of Brazil and Colombia, in an effort to tackle Zika, dengue and chikungunya viruses.

'Irresponsible' Diet Chef weight loss advert banned

Health BBC - An advert in which a tearful woman meets a slimmer, happier version of herself is banned.

'Super-parenting' improves children's autism

Health BBC - Training mums and dads as "super parents" can dramatically improve a child's autism, a study shows.

Diet and Health

Jonah Hill Weight Loss Journey, War Dogs Star Follows Japanese Diet and Regular Workout

Diet and Health - Hill's diet incorporates a lot of Japanese food—sushi is rich in omega-3s and selenium, which both have amazing health benefits. Sushi is low in ...

The Deceit of the Dental Health Industry and Some Potent Alternatives

Diet and Health - Diet and nutrition are the foundation of our health and a failure to meet proper diet and nutritional needs will always result in poor health. No amount of ...

'Low FODMAP' diet may ease irritable bowel syndrome

Diet and Health - (Reuters Health) – In a randomized trial, people with irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D) had significant pain and symptom relief on a diet ...

Health advice hypocrisy: Meet some surprising nanny state “experts” on diet and fitness

Diet and Health - As I explained on last night's show, Canada's Health Minister says she's not only revamping the Canada Food Guide, but she wants to transform ...

junk food

Gilmore Girls: 10 Things We Learned From the New Trailer

junk food - The nine years between the show's finale and now have not sated Lorelai and Rory's love of junk food, as proven by the various scenes featuring — or ...

Beyond the Fight for 15: The Worker-led Fast Food Union Campaign Building Power on the Shop ...

junk food - To pay her bills as she finished high school, Fishel landed a job at Burgerville, a fast-food chain with 42 outlets and more than 1,500 employeesin the ...

UN Declares JUNK FOOD A 'Human Rights' Issue

junk food - A United Nations special representative called on the leaders of the world to craft policies that confront cheap, un-nutritious, industrially produced food ...

WHO lauds Radio Pakistan's role in highlighting UN achievements

junk food - The Director Nutrition Department also threw light on demerits of junk food in out routine life. He urged the media to spread awareness among masses ...

Bengoa review: Ambitious health care shake-up unveiled
1. Bengoa review: Ambitious health care shake-up unveiled. 2. Diet and Health - Supermarket Confusion: Consultations begin for revised food guide. 3. junk food - Scarlett Moffatt Weight Loss Update: “Gogglebox” Star Shows Off Slender Body on 26th Birthday. more ... ...

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