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UK's national sperm bank stops recruiting donors

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UK's national sperm bank stops recruiting donors

Health BBC - UK's first national sperm bank stops recruiting donors after less than two years after its launch.

Sick profession?

Health BBC - Five doctors tell the BBC how low morale affects them, and their patients, after the General Medical Council warned of a "state of unease" within the profession.

Vet has animal tuberculosis scare

Health BBC - Vet describes fears after being infected with animal tuberculosis

Doctors' low morale 'puts patients at risk'

Health BBC - There is a "state of unease" in the UK medical profession that risks affecting patients, the GMC warns.

Diet and Health

7 Very Simple Tips For Healthy Living When You Are On A Tight Budget

Diet and Health - Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. By eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, you are providing ...

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Incredible Beach Body on Instagram, Beauty and Fitness Secrets ...

Diet and Health - Turmeric and beets are super nutritious. Beets are loaded with folate, manganese, and vitamin C, and are excellent for liver and heart health. Turmeric ...

Is more, better? Finding the balance between nutritional supplements and eye health

Diet and Health - Now, using nutritional supplements for eye health has become more common. But does increasing the recommended dose increase your protection?

Public Health England reveals that Dartford is more densely packed with fast food restaurants than ...

Diet and Health - There are more fast food restaurants per 100,000 people in Dartford than almost anywhere else in Kent. Figures released by Public Health England ...

junk food

Junk food ads dominating kids' TV time

junk food - Self-regulation is failing to protect children adequately from junk food marketing on television, an Otago University study has concluded. The study ...

TV channels getting away with advertising junk food to kids

junk food - The article, titled "Getting it wrong for children": self-regulation of unhealthy food advertising on New Zealand television", said ​there were three major ...

Fun for families

junk food - Unwanted pumpkins will find a good home this week as Liskeard's Real Junk Food Project (RJFP) plans Halloween-themed fun for families. The event ...

Tax junk-food pushers

junk food - A 'BALLSY' approach to crack down on junk-food deals in shops is needed by the States, a consultant at the Hospital has said, following a recent ...

HIV Patient Zero cleared by science
1. HIV Patient Zero cleared by science. 2. Diet and Health - Jonah Hill Weight Loss Journey, War Dogs Star Follows Japanese Diet and Regular Workout. 3. junk food - Gilmore Girls: 10 Things We Learned From the New Trailer. more ... ...

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