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Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents

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Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents

Health BBC - Baby sleep specialist Abi Thompson gives her top five tips to stretch out the mornings when the clocks go back.

Dentists issue 'Halloween horror' warning

Health BBC - Trick-or-treating can lead to a "Halloween horror" for children's teeth, warn dentists.

Cystic fibrosis therapy proven to be 'life changing'

Health BBC - Clara has cystic fibrosis and has been on the drug Orkambi for three years.

A hormone injection for men has been shown to be 96% effective as contraception.

Health BBC - A hormone injection for men has been shown to be a safe and effective method of contraception, but some users in trials reported side effects.

Diet and Health

Lower blood pressure naturally with medicinal herbs and spices

Diet and Health - The most important of these, in our books, is a heart-healthy diet. Focus on watching your salt intake (and balancing it with more potassium from foods ...

Diet: a cunning plant

Diet and Health - Generally the food you crave is processed, full of sugar and rarely ... The key is to substitute the bad food with something that is good for your health.

Healthy Eating Linked to Lower Probability of Breast Cancer

Diet and Health - Our diets do affect us for other diseases and beginning healthy eating in adolescence, or even before that, is likely to have an even greater effect on ...

Reasons why you are not losing weight even on a low carb diet

Diet and Health - If you are using a low carb diet and still you are not losing weight, then ... are available in the market because they may not be good for your health.

junk food

The foods you NEVER knew were vegan at McDonald's and Burger King revealed

junk food - But though there aren't many dairy or egg-free products at the junk food ... FEMAIL can now reveal the free-from foods that are safe for vegans on ...

U.N. expert declares that junk food is human-rights concern

junk food - Hilal Elver, the U.N.'s special representative on the right to food, said Tuesday that the rise of industrial food production combined with trade ...

Beware, your trunk may have junk

junk food - For 18-year-old, Aarti Khanna, a college student from Delhi, food comprises assortment of chips, samosas, and desserts. "My mother isn't very happy ...

The 5:2 party dress diet: Follow our slimming special to lose a stone in six weeks - just in time for ...

junk food - The Fast Diet has always appealed to bon viveurs, lovers of good wine and good food. The fact that you're restricting your calorie intake only ...

A hormone injection for men has been shown to be 96% effective as cont
1. A hormone injection for men has been shown to be 96% effective as contraception.. 2. Diet and Health - #NACFC2016 – Dietary Habits of CF Children Often Don't Meet Health Needs or Guidelines .... 3. junk food - 8 tips to help you say 'no' to unhealthy work treats, according to Atlanta dietitians. more ... ...

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