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Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents

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Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents

Health BBC - Baby sleep specialist Abi Thompson gives her top five tips to stretch out the mornings when the clocks go back.

Dentists issue 'Halloween horror' warning

Health BBC - Trick-or-treating can lead to a "Halloween horror" for children's teeth, warn dentists.

Cystic fibrosis therapy proven to be 'life changing'

Health BBC - Clara has cystic fibrosis and has been on the drug Orkambi for three years.

A hormone injection for men has been shown to be 96% effective as contraception.

Health BBC - A hormone injection for men has been shown to be a safe and effective method of contraception, but some users in trials reported side effects.

Diet and Health

Superfoods: how super are they really?

Diet and Health - “The way it has been sold, it's as if in order to have a healthy diet, you must have the latest superfood, but really, the science hasn't changed that much ...

How to lose weight with the 'Hay' diet

Diet and Health - Also known as the food combining diet, the century-old weight loss plan ... That said, simply eating a more health-conscious diet, including less meat ...

What is nutrigenomics?

Diet and Health - Healthy salad Your DNA can tell scientists whether a diet high in protein or a diet low in carbs is best for your body. (Photo: alisafarov/Shutterstock.

Bone Broth: Healthy, Smart, Delicious

Diet and Health - “Since we implemented this diet, he has not been on a single round of ... “It's also incredibly beneficial for people looking to support gut health, those ...

junk food

10 reasons your body is holding on to stubborn belly fat

junk food - Always have a list of non-food related self-soothing activities to hand. ... What we should be avoiding are the processed fats found in junk food and ...

Are GMOs And Processed Foods Turning Americans Into Zombies?

junk food - Nationwide apathy can be a dangerous thing. Are Americans too tolerant and relaxed? Could a national lack of concern really be caused by junk food ...


junk food - Generally, the more processed a food is, the more energy and water it requires in the production process. Replace junk food with fresh fruit, nuts and ...

She was sick, in a wheelchair, then founded a food festival

junk food - Overweight most of her life, a Latina raised on a Latin diet, Burgos started ... She loves the occasional junk food (Oreos, by the way, are vegan) and ...

Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents
1. Clocks go back: Top sleep tips for parents. 2. Diet and Health - Lower blood pressure naturally with medicinal herbs and spices. 3. junk food - The foods you NEVER knew were vegan at McDonald's and Burger King revealed. more ... ...

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