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What fast food item was unfairly excluded from our top 10 list?

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What fast food item was unfairly excluded from our top 10 list?

Given the firestorm of debate that greeted food editor Kevin Pang's list of the 10 best fast food items, we thought the following question only fair:.

20st Doncaster man loses six stones on diet of Nando's - PICTURES

“Nowadays my diet is far more structured – I'll make sure I eat three nutritious meals each day, and also fill the gaps with healthy snacks when I feel a ...

Canberra venues and events could be forced to promote healthier food

The audit will be backed by some of the extra $755,000 the government will inject into the Healthy Weight Initiative, in response to the junk food and ...

Parents influence junk food purchases among school kids

Results showed that girls were up to three times more likely than boys to buy junk food. Findings also showed that the rate of fast-food purchases was ...

Overweight mum loses FIVE STONE by quitting sugar

Kristy swapped junk food for high-protein meats with vegetables, and drinks water rather than juice, snacking on apple slices and high-protein peanut ...

5 junk food hybrids that will definitely make you obese

Obesity is a huge problem in the U.S., and these weird but delicious junk food hybrids are lending a hand to the nation's weight issue.

University to feature in BBC health programme

Justine Bold, senior lecturer in the university's Institute of Health and Society, who leads on three postgraduate nutrition modules has been at the ...

Koeksisters give them a headache‚ but smilies and milk tart rock‚ say Australian master chefs

When people are not watching him on television‚ Preston indulges on junk food. What makes a Masterchef winner according to him‚ is someone who ...

First Dates star Jodie Batey sheds three stone to run Great North Run in memory of her dad

“He was always trying to get me to ditch the junk food. When he died I pretty much ate my feelings. I remember stepping on the scales and being 16.5 ...

Cultural pressures can make it hard to serve up a healthy diet

This time around The Children's Food Campaign has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority over some of the health claims made by ...

Cultural pressures can make it hard to serve up a healthy diet

As campaigners complain about junk food marketing by sponsors of the Rio Olympics, a new study reveals what influences the food-buying habits of ...

Is Sugar Really Addictive?

To understand the nature of sugar better and how it affects our diet and health, let us first understand what an addiction really is. Is it just a habit gone ...

Rick Warren Likens Pornography to 'Poison': Christians Should Avoid 'P
1. Rick Warren Likens Pornography to 'Poison': Christians Should Avoid 'P. 2. 'Unhealthy diet leads to obesity'. 3. Inferno Star Tom Hanks' Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Includes Weight Loss, Whole Foods Diet. more ... ...

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