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Secret eater who binged on junk food in car loses SIX stone after bein

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Secret eater who binged on junk food in car loses SIX stone after being caught out

Always 'the big one' in school, her weight spiralled out of control as she used food to cope with stress. By October 2014 she was eating 5000 calories ...

High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens' Avoids Fast Food, Follows Strict Workout Routine

High School Musical's Vanessa Hudgens, who is best known for her role in the series, gave up her fast food and ice cream addiction and found a ...

Slimmer gran Helen swaps junk food for trainers to take on Great North Run

An inspirational Sunderland slimmer is preparing to take on the Great North Run after ditching the fast food she lived on to turn her life around.

HEALTH AND CARE: Get to know your numbers

Healthy Eating – a healthy balanced diet will help reduce your blood pressure. A healthy diet includes eating less salt, less saturated fat and aiming for ...

Are food labels helping or wrecking your diet?

Choosing a healthy snack at a supermarket or grocery store has become as tough as voting in a dependable political candidate. In India, food labels ...

Too Much Brain Activity Leads To Bigger Food Consumption

They should also stay away from sugar and junk foods. Sugar raises Alzheimer's risk while junk foods trick the brain into wanting to consume more ...

British Public Still Uninformed On The Risk Of Cancer Development In Obese Individuals

"The government acknowledges that marketing junk food to kids is a problem and has removed these adverts during children's programming." Alison ...

Fats are back: the latest thinking in an age-old debate

Of the three key macronutrients she identified in a healthy diet — protein, carbs and fat — she said “fat is especially important. I love fat personally, and ...

The Root of a Healthy Diet

Root vegetables are simply the roots of a plant. They are easy to prepare and nutritious…high in vitamins and minerals that are absorbed from the ...

Children And Junk Food Essay

children and junk food essay at IBM, spearheading the company's corporate citizenship strategy and launching a leadership program dissertation ...

Essay On Junk Food For Kids

essays on picnic temporary ban allows us to act straight away to stop new substances gaining a foothold in the market essay on junk food for kids.

Health experts: Longmont case an extreme example of dietary deprivation

The average teenage boy should be consuming 2,400 to 2,800 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight, Lee said, with meals consisting of ...

Tiny town in Provence fights to keep out the Big Mac
1. Tiny town in Provence fights to keep out the Big Mac. 2. Happily Dissatisfied? A Disputable Pairing For Lifestyle Medicine. 3. America's obsession with protein is just another silly health fad. more ... ...

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