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Health BBC - Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?

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Health BBC

Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?

Health BBC - Venom collected from two species of Irish spiders has potential medicinal properties, say university researchers.

Agonising wait

Health BBC - A family whose daughter spent four years in a vegetative state say it should be easier to withdraw nutrition from such patients.

Period pain affects 'most women workers'

Health BBC - Most women workers have experienced period pain that affects their ability to work, a survey suggests.

Project Zuckerberg

Health BBC - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife want to tackle all diseases by the end if the century. Just how feasible is this aim?

Diet and Health

NutriHealth – a Platform by Dr. Shikha Sharma Offering Comprehensive Health and Diet ...

Diet and Health - Dr Shikha Sharma is the founder of Dr Shikha's NutriHealth, a platform offering comprehensive health and diet management programmes. A medical ...

Ask a nutrition student: Health food hoaxes

Diet and Health - When I go to the grocery store, I feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of health foods. I feel like every item carries some kind of health benefit.

Latest hack reveals Hillary Clinton's healthy diet: Democratic candidate prefers 'salmon, Greek ...

Diet and Health - Since launching her 2016 bid in April, she has embarked on a diet and fitness regimen, hoping to keep healthy during the near-sleepless nights and ...

Can good old-fashioned food provide all the nutrients we need or do we have to pop a pill?

Diet and Health - “We know there are vitamin and mineral requirements to maintain a healthy body. If we are not getting them from our food, we can get them from ...

junk food

UK's first food waste supermarket

junk food - The first food waste supermarket in the UK has opened next to Leeds, in Pudsey. The project has been brought to life by Real Junk Food Project ...

Meet the comedian turned 'hotel chef' cooking up a storm with kettles, irons and trouser-presses

junk food - "Being as into cooking as I am, I've always had a real resistance to buying unhealthy junk food or poor-quality and overpriced room service. So about ...

Guy's plan to help homeless with McDonald's Monopoly goes viral

junk food - You'll often score a free food voucher from the fast food chain if you're lucky, but while you might be tempted to hoard them for future binges, perhaps ...

How small lifestyle changes can help you become a stronger and better person

junk food - Junk food is a strict no. You should also stop heating and cooking in microwave ovens and eating out of plastic cutlery. Include herbs and spices like ...

Food fads having serious impact on health, conference warns
1. Food fads having serious impact on health, conference warns. 2. At the 2016 Mr. Olympia, Hints of Bro Food Science to Come. 3. Medical Weightloss Institute diet pills probed by health regulators. more ... ...

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