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Health BBC - Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show

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Health BBC


Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show

Health BBC - More than 40% of children in England did not see a dentist last year, NHS statistics show - a figure the British Dental Association says is embarrassing.

Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?

Health BBC - Venom collected from two species of Irish spiders has potential medicinal properties, say university researchers.

Agonising wait

Health BBC - A family whose daughter spent four years in a vegetative state say it should be easier to withdraw nutrition from such patients.

Period pain affects 'most women workers'

Health BBC - Most women workers have experienced period pain that affects their ability to work, a survey suggests.

Diet and Health

Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger Conquers Bulimia, Shares Stress-Free Bikini Diet ...

Diet and Health - The star says that she tries not to focus too much on weight loss, instead choosing to follow a healthy diet and training routine that keeps her in shape.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is stable and on normal diet: Apollo health bulletin

Diet and Health - The condition of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is now stable and she is taking a normal diet, according to Apollo Hospital, where the ...

Stephen Jardine: Scots are blessed by great produce but cursed by bad diet

Diet and Health - The Scottish Health Survey is going to continue to produce grim results until we realise food and diet is our own responsibility. The buck stops with all ...

Healthy Diet as Teen, Less Weight Gain as Adult

Diet and Health - "People with a healthier diet at 15 gained less weight over the next five and 10 years," lead author David Jacobs said in a university news release.

junk food

Selena Gomez Seeks Alternative Treatments, Adopts Organic Food Plan for Lupus

junk food - Gomez did have to change up her love for Texas fast food to more whole foods, though. She has incorporated more organic foods options into her ...

Getting a handle on your eating habits

junk food - My mother is always on a diet, even when she's not overweight. ... Convince them, with the fervor of religious zealotry, that junk-food purveyors are evil ...

Big Boys

junk food - Free shipping and returns on Junk Food Kick Off Pittsburgh Steelers T-Shirt (Big Boys) at Looking as if it's been worn on the gridiron, ...

Why training children 'in the way they should go' also requires that we parents train ourselves

junk food - Sure you can tell your kids to not eat too much junk food and to not drink soda, but if all they see you eat is junk food and all they see you drink is soda, ...

Health BBC - Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?
1. Health BBC - Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?. 2. Diet and Health - NutriHealth – a Platform by Dr. Shikha Sharma Offering Comprehensive Health and Diet .... 3. junk food - UK's first food waste supermarket. more ... ...

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