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Health BBC - Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show

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Health BBC


Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show

Health BBC - More than 40% of children in England did not see a dentist last year, NHS statistics show - a figure the British Dental Association says is embarrassing.

Could Irish spider venom cure diseases?

Health BBC - Venom collected from two species of Irish spiders has potential medicinal properties, say university researchers.

Agonising wait

Health BBC - A family whose daughter spent four years in a vegetative state say it should be easier to withdraw nutrition from such patients.

Period pain affects 'most women workers'

Health BBC - Most women workers have experienced period pain that affects their ability to work, a survey suggests.

Diet and Health

How our dire diet failures stack up

Diet and Health - The 2016 CSIRO Healthy Diet Score report, to be released today, canvassed the dietary habits of more than 86,500 Australian adults over a 12-month ...

Natural Care Chiropractic Advocating Benefits of Nutrition and Supplements for Ongoing Health ...

Diet and Health - Avoiding processed foods and excess sugars is also foundational to nutrition and good health. Key lifestyle changes can augment and support healthy ...

Aussies confess their shocking diet habits

Diet and Health - From too much gorging on junk food to too few vegetables, the 2016 CSIRO Healthy Diet Score report released today shows Australia continuing its ...

Heart failure risk reduced in older adults with moderate physical activity and healthy weight

Diet and Health - Although a healthy diet and exercise are essential for overall heart health in all of us, heart failure patients particularly benefit from these lifestyle ...

junk food

Fitness Goals

junk food - It was mostly Coke and energy drinks that were my daily food. But at 19, when I was living ... “I eat a lot of junk food as well. Mainly, as a body builder, ...

Editorial: Have courage, take control of your health

junk food - Among the arch-enemies: fast food, junk food, soda pop, cigarettes, alcohol and drug abuse, sedentary lifestyles and inattention to mental health.

Canteen Act to root out junk food sold in schools

junk food - "Our children are now falling victims to globalisation of processed junk food. Therefore, we are now focused to root this practice out of schools and ...

RTF activists call for curbs on junk food

junk food - "These problems are not specific to children in urban areas, but due to penetration of packed junk foods like chips and salted snacks of various forms ...

Health BBC - Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show
1. Health BBC - Four in 10 children not going to dentist, NHS figures show. 2. Diet and Health - Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger Conquers Bulimia, Shares Stress-Free Bikini Diet .... 3. junk food - Selena Gomez Seeks Alternative Treatments, Adopts Organic Food Plan for Lupus. more ... ...

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