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Health BBC - Hunt for three million 'ghost' patients

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Health BBC

Hunt for three million 'ghost' patients

Health BBC - As many as three million "ghost" patients registered with GP practices in England should be removed from doctors' lists, latest figures suggest.

Polluted air affects 92% of global population, says WHO

Health BBC - The World Health Organisation says 92% of the planet's population is breathing polluted air outdoors, contributing to three million deaths a year.

Rest: Are we getting enough of it in our lives?

Health BBC - The results of the world's largest ever survey on rest show that two-thirds of us would like more of it.

'Shortfalls' in care of sick and premature babies

Health BBC - The Welsh NHS needs to tackle a number of "shortfalls" in the care being provided for sick and premature newborn babies, an annual audit says.

Diet and Health

Latin Singer Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Super Toned Abs at 47

Diet and Health - Jennifer Lopez has a very healthy diet that contains lots of protein. Lopez starts her day with a BodyLab TastyShake with protein for breakfast. After a ...

Nina Dobrev of "The Vampire Diaries" Fame Stays Fit through Yoga, Healthy Diet

Diet and Health - Stunning actress Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries follows a healthy diet to keep fit. Not only does she tend to her fitness through diet, but as a ...

Beyond BMI: The other health markers you should be watching

Diet and Health - Metabolically healthy obesity is more common among younger women who eat a healthy diet, are physically active and have a higher socioeconomic ...

Megan McKenna opens up about her health: 'I get really ill and think, oh God, what have I eaten ...

Diet and Health - The Only Way Is Essex star has opened up exclusively to OK! magazine about her diet and fitness regime. Revealing she eats quite healthily but has ...

junk food

The true — and truly creepy — history of Ronald McDonald

junk food - Not only is he a clown, which is chilling enough, but he's a ghost-white, sketchy character who literally lures children into eating junk food. Ronald was ...

Junk Food ACDC Shirts

junk food - Junk Food ACDC - 2 Small Adult - $10/Each Junk Food ACDC - 1 Small Youth - $8 Junk Food ACDC - 1 Large Youth New - $8.

This Supermarket Sells Only Wasted Food

junk food - The project is an outgrowth of British non-profit the Real Junk Food Project, reports O'Sullivan. The group has long collected wasted food for ...

EXCLUSIVE: Here's how Anant Ambani ACTUALLY lost 108 kilos, thanks to this man!

junk food - All the junk food was replaced with protein enriched foods, more fibre and less carbohydrates. Six meals a day, now started to include more of ...

Health BBC - Professor David Nutt developed 'hangover-free' alcohol
1. Health BBC - Professor David Nutt developed 'hangover-free' alcohol. 2. Diet and Health - Spreading Healthy Options to the East Coast. 3. junk food - Maritime schools reconsider sweets-based fundraising campaigns. more ... ...

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