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Health BBC - Common painkillers 'increase heart failure risk'

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Health BBC

Common painkillers 'increase heart failure risk'

Health BBC - Taking a common kind of painkiller is linked to an increased risk of heart failure, a study suggests.

NHS negligence claims hit £1.4bn

Health BBC - NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year, up from £583m in 2008.

One in 10 children has 'Aids defence'

Health BBC - A 10th of children have a "monkey-like" immune system that stops them developing Aids, researchers say.

Widow wins High Court frozen embryo case

Health BBC - The widow of a Falklands war veteran has won a High Court bid to keep frozen embryos that they created.

Diet and Health

Mediterranean diet linked to reduced risk of CVD

Diet and Health - A wealth of research has documented the link between the Mediterranean diet and better heart health. Providing further evidence of this association, ...

Shilpa Shetty shares heart-healthy diet tips

Diet and Health - On World Heart Day, the Bollywood star shares diet tips that she follows to keep her heart healthy: Picture Courtesy (GettyImage) by Kalpana Sharma.

How to make the most of your diet with beans

Diet and Health - The path to improving health through nutrition is to follow a healthy eating pattern that's right for you. Eating patterns are the combination of foods and ...

Mediterranean diet 'lowers heart risks'

Diet and Health - Mediterranean diet 'lowers heart risks' ... said: "The benefits of the Mediterranean diet for cardiovascular health are well documented in countries of ...

junk food

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For a healthy heart

junk food - Avoid excessive intake of food which is dry in nature (like excessive intake of junk food or refined flour), as it aggravates Vata. Avoid skipping meals ...

What Obama Has Meant for Food

junk food - We watch him consume street food, chat with old friends over cold beers, and .... and a vocal fondness for fast food, has made no statements about ...

Coronary artery diseases – leading cause of death in Pakistan

junk food - Sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, consumption of junk food and excessive smoking among country's youth is the reason why people are developing ...

Health BBC - Junior doctors lose High Court case
1. Health BBC - Junior doctors lose High Court case. 2. Diet and Health - These cuisines could help you live longer. 3. junk food - McDonald's Asked Teachers to Serve Fries for Free. Now the Teachers Are Fighting Back.. more ... ...

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