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Los Angeles launches hunt for unknown species hiding in cities

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Los Angeles launches hunt for unknown species hiding in cities

Given the chance to search for new species to add to the world's biodiversity databases, where would you go? Chances are, not Los Angeles.

County shows off culinary chops

New to the event this year is a vendor called Gobblers Ridge, an organic farm located in Portageville. Launched in 2014, Gobblers Ridge is certified ...

How to get the most out of a tiny garden space

Ask one of the growers at your local nursery to help you choose a plant that is showing the early branching characteristics that will grow into your ...

The city of angels and flies: 12 unknown scuttle fly species have been flying around LA Pensoft ...

Their study is published in the open access Biodiversity Data Journal. Launched in 2013, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County's project ...

Fat chance of a debate: meet the foodie censors

This has long been the case in the highly politicised world of climate science, but a recent incident involving nutrition science and policy shows that the ...

Manager, Nutrition Science & Partnerships

The Manager of Nutrition Science & Partnerships serves in a support function to leading food service and consumer packaged goods companies.

Wholesome!® Celebrates Earth Month by Pioneering New Eco-Friendly Packaging and Becoming ...

The trees that yield its organic coconut palm sugar grow wild on the farming properties and can be tapped of their nectar for up to 40 years, removing ...

loss of biodiversity
1. loss of biodiversity. 2. MOSES interim director makes relationships top priority. 3. Group releasing undercover video for cage-free egg push. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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