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Farmers go for the gold in 2nd annual Farmer Olympics

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Farmers go for the gold in 2nd annual Farmer Olympics

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont is hosting the event and says it's a chance for farmers to take a mid-season break and enjoy ...

National Parks with Benefits

Well-designed, equitably managed protected areas could provide a powerful solution for maintaining ecosystem services, conserving biodiversity, and ...

Arizona plant researchers laying groundwork for species forecasts

“Complicating that is climate change,” said Hannah, a climate change biologist at Conservation International's Center for Applied Biodiversity Science.

Nepal's rich biodiversity under threat

Nepal is rich in biodiversity. There are various types of flora and fauna found in Nepal. For example, yarshaghumba (Cordyceps sinensis) and the ...

Why switch to organic farming is tough, PM Narendra Modi boost notwithstanding

Ten years ago, it was difficult to convince farmers to switch to organic farming. Today, they themselves come to 24 Mantra Organic—in fact, as much as ...


This article has been accepted for publication and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination and ...

The Stop's Farmers' Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns connects people with 'good, fresh food'

Colourful produce from Joyfully Organic Farm were ready for purchase at The Stop's Farmers' Market at Wychwood Barns Saturday, Aug. 6.

Kerala should become a fully organic state, says C Radhakrishnan

Agricultural university professors Dr K E Usha, Dr P Indira, state co-ordinator of organic farming cell K K Chandran, Dr Sabin George, Dr N N Shashi, ...

VIDEO: Highlights From Rio's Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

There was also a focus on Brazil's indigenous people and biodiversity. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appeared on a video broadcast asking ...

Improving above and below-ground arthropod biodiversity in maize cultivation systems

Highlights. •. Arthropod biodiversity is poor under conventional maize cultivation techniques. •. Above and below-ground arthropod biodiversity can be ...

back2basics celebrates the spirit of friendship this Friendship Day

Embracing the ethos of friendship this Friendship Day, back2basics farm, a unique Bengaluru-based farm-to-fork startup that supplies organic produce ...

New Brand Brings New Vibe to Land of Hookah: Organic Shisha Tobacco

Those organic hookah tobacco products are the creation of Philosophy, ... Certified organic farming methods must adhere to strict standards set forth ...

Courgette farmers battle leaf curl disease
1. Courgette farmers battle leaf curl disease. 2. Understanding the Whole Cost of Cheap Milk. 3. VIAGRA FOR SALE - To Buy Viagra. more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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