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Ecosystems in the Southeastern US Are Vulnerable to Climate Change

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Ecosystems in the Southeastern US Are Vulnerable to Climate Change

“From the mountains to the coast, the southeastern U.S. contains ecosystems that harbor incredible biodiversity. Many of those ecosystems are ...

CII urges West Bengal to offer more incentives to food processing sector

The state government is working on its Organic Farming Policy, Chopra said, adding that thanks to BGREI (Bringing Green Revolution to Eastern ...

Local author offers ideas on improving local economy

This 307-page paperback details how enterprising communities have adopted ways of growing organic produce and vertical farming. It shows how ...

Rocking In The Settlement

Volunteers set up the stage on a farm at the end of Amsterdam Road in ... event is appreciation of local, sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

Black Brook Farm, of Skaneateles and Seneca Farms, offers certified organic, flavorful produce

Paul and Kendra Porter standing behind their heirloom Hopkins cherry tomatoes at last Saturday's Farmers Market in Skaneateles' Austin Park ...

(Viet Nam), Phase 2: Dak Ngon Road (Quang Nam Province)

Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) describe the environmental condition of a project, including potential impact, formulation of mitigation ...

Overshadowed by climate change

Because of that, climate change is often a focus of journalistic coverage and so other threats to biodiversity are pushed to the background, although ...

Organic champion! Emancipation Park sculptor is Denbigh's top organic farmer

At the recently held Denbigh Agricultural Show in Clarendon, female farmer Laura Facey walked away with the Jamaica Agriculture Task Force's ...

Forget Rio — Vermont has Olympics for farmers

... as farmers took to the field to compete in Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont's 2nd Annual Farmer Olympics in Vershire, Vermont.

Festival of Biodiversity

Join us at the Festival to explore and learn more about Singapore's rich biodiversity! Did you know that Singapore is home to more than 400 species of ...

Tractors bigger threat to wildlife than climate: study

"Addressing the old foes of over-harvesting and agricultural activities are key to turning around the biodiversity extinction crisis," said lead author Sean ...

Field notes from Volcanic Farms

3, from Don Heffner (left), owner of Volcanic Farms produce stand. ... “Some organic farmers will use a spray made of nicotine to get rid of aphids.

Organto CEO sets out stall for Canada organic firm
1. Organto CEO sets out stall for Canada organic firm. 2. Enzyme biodiversity key to future of crops. 3. Growing Organic. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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