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Christian Puglisi Of Relae To Open Organic Farm In Copenhagen

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Christian Puglisi Of Relae To Open Organic Farm In Copenhagen

Christian Puglisi, co-owner of Copenhagen's Relae, is to open a farm-culinary school-think tank hybrid called 'Farm of Ideas'. Relae, which was ...

Wild Ideas: Contemplating 'pests' and their management

For other species, these same “bugs” may produce food or be food ... dealing with pests, including a return to organic farming (where farming started).

30 years of successful cooperation between Alnatura and Bioland

For 30 years Alnatura and Bioland have been successfully working together. Their goal is to expand and to develop organic farming and organic food ...

Germany's organic vineyards hit by climate change

Going organic can make vineyards more resilient to climate change. But this summer, warm, wet weather in Germany has brought an infection farmers ...

An unbalance in nutrients threatens plant biodiversity

An unnatural balance of nutrients threatens biodiversity in a survival of the fittest scenario, according to the results of a world-first global experiment ...

Maragas to bottle its first “Blanco”

But organic farming methods exert no control over Mother Nature. A devastating freeze (21 degrees below zero) in December 2012 destroyed 90 ...

10th Anniversary Celebrates Small-Scale Organic Farming

As a forward-thinking utility, the SFPUC considered an organic farm connected to urban communities to be a good use for its watershed lands.

Revolutionary Fertilizer Is Shaping The Organic Growing Industry

Compost tea is a standard tool used in organic farming, however the typical production process involves a lengthy and labor intensive regimen to ...

Can app-based grocers groom smallholder farmers in profitable agriculture?

By connecting farmers to consumers, BigBasket is complementing Karnataka's programme to promote organic farming. The government gives seeds ...

Leaked gas affects biodiversity

The ammonia leaked from the DAP fertiliser factory in Chittagong's Anwara has affected trees and water bodies in the area. The leaves of trees and ...

Organic Farms Yield 20% Fewer Crops than Conventional Farms

As suspected, organic farms are not as productive as conventional ones. In fact, the overall average is that organic farming produces 20% fewer crops.

Small fish all set for big Bong return

The People's Biodiversity Registers, which are maintained by the Biodiversity Management Committees at the village and block levels to track and ...

CMFRI signs pact with TN varsity on marine research
1. CMFRI signs pact with TN varsity on marine research. 2. TN Agriculture University wins ICAR award on organic farming. 3. TN Agriculture University wins ICAR award on organic farming. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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