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India: The Naked Truth Behind One Swedish Brand and Its Supply Chain

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India: The Naked Truth Behind One Swedish Brand and Its Supply Chain

A cotton farmer and member of the growing co-op for organic farmers in India thanks to Hyderabad-based Chetna Organic. Photo Courtesy of Chetna ...

Population Growth Continues to Threaten Biodiversity

The Congo Basin rainforest in west Africa is one of the biodiversity hotspots that face increasing pressure from human impacts. (Severin Stalder via ...

C&A helps grow organic cotton production in China

In addition to teaching the principles and practices of organic farming, the initiative will explore opportunities to maximise the return on investment for ...

BJP MP boycotts US visit after Embassy asks him to remove turban to get visa

Singh said that nearly two months ago, some officers of the US consulate contacted him and invited for the guest lecture on ways of organic farming ...

Cheshire council approves green belt watersports centre against recommendation for refusal

However, the report said that "biodiversity would suffer as a result of the proposals and in particular the birdlife at the site". It said that planners ...

DTI to launch organic fertilizer production in SLeyte town

It was said that the SSF in Hinunangan town is hopeful that the production of organic fertilizer will improve towards the promotion of organic farming in ...

Backing for projects to tackle biodiversity and fish health

The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) is co-funding on two research project which aim to improve biodiversity and fish health in farming.

It is time for Monsanto to Quit India

Not only would this destroy biodiversity, it would rob the poor of rich sources of nutrition in the biodiversity, and aggravate India's food and nutritional ...

Is Lake Tanganyika in trouble?

Recognised as an important global biodiversity hotspot, it provides a home for at least 1 500 different species, some 600 of which occur nowhere else.

5 Organic food

August 25, 2016. “And the one that really drives me up the wall is 'I think it tastes better.' Okay, whatever. ” Mark Reeves, organic farmer ...

Sanchez: Passing the baton

Under the state-led programs, Armi, as the provincial focal person for organic program, saw the increase last year in the hectarage of farms converted ...

Faunal biodiversity study starts today

Aug 26, 2016- A faunal biodiversity study is being conducted for the first time in the country starting in western Nepal, to assess the status of existing ...

Christian Puglisi Of Relae To Open Organic Farm In Copenhagen
1. Christian Puglisi Of Relae To Open Organic Farm In Copenhagen. 2. Wild Ideas: Contemplating 'pests' and their management. 3. 30 years of successful cooperation between Alnatura and Bioland. more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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