Organic healthy environment, biodiversity, soil

Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society serves growing, upbeat ag commu

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Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society serves growing, upbeat ag community

“Organic farmers are influenced by conventional agriculture when the prices in conventional ag had gone up, so high our organic prices had to go ...

Dominant ant species significantly influence ecosystems

How ecosystem stability is affected by anthropogenic loss of biodiversity has been extensively studied in the past years. Generally, a high biodiversity ...

Expanding organics market gains momentum among US producers

And Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative of La Farge, Wis., is trying to kickstart organic farming on existing dairy producers, with organic producers ...

Green Buffalo Estates Launches 'Small Business Farming' Franchisee Program

“The time has come to make organic farming a lucrative business for our struggling farmers,” said David Moore of Green Buffalo Estates. “This is our ...

No change in price of Dominican banana

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one of the main features of organic farming is that it does not use synthetic fertilizers or ...

Wetlands important to local economy

He said wetlands also provide ecological benefits such as providing fresh water and food supply, habitats for biodiversity, protection against floods, ...

Biodiversity Heritage Site: Nallur Tamarind Grove, Devanahalli, 30 Jan 2016

Walking amongst these gnarled ancients, we had a big bonus...the person who was instrumental in getting this grove notified as a Biodiversity ...

Ecofood 'no better for you or planet': Prof
1. Ecofood 'no better for you or planet': Prof. 2. A crazy person assassinated Gandhi: Uma Bharti. 3. A taste of things to come. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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Organic healthy environment, biodiversity, soil

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