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World's First Organic GMO Opposed By Some GMO Executives

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World's First Organic GMO Opposed By Some GMO Executives

and went on to warn that producing the world's first organic GMO will deny organic farmers the ability to market their organic crops, which is patently ...

Two Indoor Farm Startups Stand Up to Alaska's Short Growing Season

According to KTVA Alaska, when operations at Alaska Natural Organics are finally running at full capacity, the 5,000-square-foot organic farm will be ...

Albuquerque's urban farmers get an incubator of their own

Rio Grande Community Farm, a nonprofit urban farm that grows organic food and offers a community garden, will be launching Las Huertas Farmer ...

Venezuela Bans GMO Crops, Passes One of World's Most Progressive Seed Laws

Promote the transition to communal and eco-socialist agriculture, in order to protect agro-biodiversity by means of the production of local, peasant, ...

2015 Spencer Award recipients produce organic crops and livestock

(Ames)--A well-known farming couple from northeast Iowa has been chosen to receive the 2015 Spencer Award for Sustainable Agriculture. Tom and ...

Gaining Ground Teaches Organic Farming While Feeding Massachusetts' Hungry

Gaining Ground mobilizes over 2,000 volunteers every growing season, in an effort to produce food for hungry populations in Greater Boston and ...

Victory for US organic farming

The decision is testimony to the growing importance of organic farming and farmers' efforts to distinguish their products. Yet, not all growers support it.

National Green Tribunal hearing for North Bengal on Jan 11
1. National Green Tribunal hearing for North Bengal on Jan 11. 2. Al Wathba flamingo population booms - with a little help. 3. Around the country, organic farmers are pushing for 'GE-free' zones. more ... ...

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