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Reading's Green Park wins Wildlife Trust award

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Reading's Green Park wins Wildlife Trust award

Reading's Green Park has started the new year by becoming the only business park in the UK to achieve the prestigious Wildlife Trust's Biodiversity ...

Holiday Rental in Vila Real

Organic farming in about 70 hectares of land with 15 km of interiors roads to access the “mediterrean cultures” of vineyards, chestnuts, almonds, and ...

Algeria: Tamanrasset - Charter for Participative Management of Priority Sites to Preserve Biodiversity

Tamanrasset — A charter for participative management of priority sites in the region as part of a project aimed at preserving biodiversity of global ...

New Dietary Guidelines Crack Down On Sugar. But Red Meat Gets A Pass

The guidelines, which are revised every five years, are based on evolving nutrition science and serve as the government's official advice on what to ...

The US food guidelines are way too complicated. There's a better way.

Every five years, the US government puts out a new version of these guidelines, which are supposed to reflect the latest nutrition science and help ...

Authorized 13.5 Health Claim With Proprietary Use for BENEO's Inulin Promoting Digestive Health

The BENEO-Institute is an organization which brings together BENEO's expertise from Nutrition Science, Nutrition Communication and Regulatory ...

Noida to have green entertainment zones on riverfront soon

The year 2016 will give Noida more than just new malls and multiplexes, the city will also have a thriving biodiversity park in a green corridor to ...

World's First Organic GMO Opposed By Some GMO Executives
1. World's First Organic GMO Opposed By Some GMO Executives. 2. Two Indoor Farm Startups Stand Up to Alaska's Short Growing Season. 3. Albuquerque's urban farmers get an incubator of their own. more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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