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Urby takes Staten Island back to its farming roots

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Urby takes Staten Island back to its farming roots

Grown at the organic farm seems to be every imaginable vegetable -- from arugula and red Russian kale to 10 different types of heirloom tomatoes ...

Mi Rancho(R) Signs to Provide Organic Tortillas to Sun Basket

"We share their passion for sustainable organic farming and delivering fresh, tasty products free of GMOs and glutens. We are delighted that Sun ...

CA expert brings wealth of knowledge to Krumhuk

He did his internship at the international department of the Organic Agriculture Association 'Naturland', Munich, as well as an internship in Germany ...

Soil Association lobbies retailers for pre-harvest glyphosate ban

Organic farming campaigners are urging millers and major supermarkets to avoid using wheat treated with glyphosate in the run-up to harvest.

Breaking the Rules to Grow Great Coffee and Restore a Cloud Forest

Brian expects it to take 20 years or more for the replanted land to reflect the natural biodiversity of the area. As for the coffee farm and the warnings that ...

Defra warned businesses could lose out if 'Plan for the Environment' delayed further

... water, air quality, habitats, and biodiversity regulations that provide much of the legislative framework for environmental protection policies in the UK.

Humans decimating the diversity of life should worry us all

These metrics underpinned the first biodiversity boundary set in 2009. ... suggests biodiversity could dip more than 10 per cent before being unsafe.

Four-legged guardians for conservation

Dogs and birds don't usually get along. Even docile puppies often turn into hellhounds when they get to chase a flock of the feathered creatures.

Endgame for the African penguin?

It's the only penguin species on the African continent. Once, they counted in the millions. Today, only 20,000 breeding pairs are left. An alliance of ...

residue and tillage management in organic farming systems: eastern states


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Global warming and the preservation of biodiversity will be the topics of focus at this year's Asian Students Environment Platform (ASEP 2016), set to ...

CM sets example in organic farming

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan is leading his party's campaign for organic farming by setting an example. The chief minister has ...

Organic supply might not keep up with demand
1. Organic supply might not keep up with demand. 2. "Mexican lime peak season shorter". 3. FOOD ROOF Farm. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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