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Taxonomic bias and international biodiversity conservation research

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Taxonomic bias and international biodiversity conservation research

While greater research on threatened species alone cannot ensure their protection, understanding taxonomic bias may be helpful to address ...

Pokémon Go Hashtag Boosts Interest in Biodiversity

University of Guelph student's #PokeBlitz hashtag connects biologists and gamers to help identify wildlife and promote biodiversity.

Young Farmers Take Root in Essex County, NY

Farming in the area, however, comes with one big plus: Land in Essex ... Quite a few of the young farmers in Keeseville got their start at the organic, ...

Launio: Providing agricultural technologies to the community through the years

Around this period, the swamp area now known as “strawberry farms of La ... technologies, sustainable agricultural practices, and organic farming.

Why Has Organic Farming Flatlined?

Organic farming should be in a Golden Age. Organic marketing groups, and the junkyard dogs they pay to attack scientists (1) finally got mandatory ...

Muara Laboh Geothermal Power Project: Biodiversity Action Plan

Environmental management plans (EMP) propose environmental mitigation measures and recommend mechanisms to monitor and ensure ...

Could London Become the World's First National Park City?

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) points at habitat destruction as the main threat to biodiversity. Currently, half of Earth's land surface has ...

Biodiversity and Sustainability Project Officer

Policy, Planning & Regulation, A unique opportunity to advise on environmental legislation and biodiversity conservation principles to our Local ...

200 Forest officers in CL undergo skills enhancement training on biodiversity protection

The system uses a mobile application called CyberTracker, which enables patrollers to monitor and collect data about forest and biodiversity ...


Biodiversity, Water, Education · News · International Day for Biodiversity Marked with Symposium Focusing on Islands. 2014•06•02 Tokyo. Biodiversity ...

Agriculture chief: Organic farming ...

"Through organic farming, farmers can produce their own seeds from their harvest and make their own fertilizer by learning how to build compost pits," ...

New issue of ECNC Update published

Registration open for study workshop on restoration and the EU biodiversity ... Sharing knowledge and experience for regions and biodiversity.

Chilling Testimony From A Cancer Cell Specialist Makes One Thing Utter
1. Chilling Testimony From A Cancer Cell Specialist Makes One Thing Utter. 2. Programme Coordinator. 3. Local vs. Organic: How to Know What You're Getting at the Farmers Market. more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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