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Fallow deer trash Tobias Koenig's organic potato crop at Ingelara

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Fallow deer trash Tobias Koenig's organic potato crop at Ingelara

The bold and beautiful have undone organic farmer Tobias Koenig's​ hours of toil in two potato fields at Ingelara, south of Canberra. "We probably ...

Supply chains tracking CO2 emissions will be required by law

This Italian company is a pioneer on the organic farming working for over 20 years with the organic production in the Southern parts of the World.

Treats, Tide Pools and Trippy Lifeforms at Oregon Coast Nature Events

Or take in a lecture about biodiversity in a coastal environment – all of which will help augment your beach experience in many ways. (Above: Otter ...

Zimbabwean appointed FAO Ambassador

Harare – The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has appointed a Zimbabwean organic farming proponent and campaigner, Elizabeth Mpofu, ...

Vietnam risks losing endemic species as quarrying booms

Net that one remnant of a hill being quarried includes a sinkhole, an environment not present elsewhere in the area, with probably a rich biodiversity.

New Paper: Eisenhauer et al. 2016. Biodiversity-ecosystem function experiments reveal the ...

Biodiversity-ecosystem function experiments reveal the mechanisms underlying the consequences of biodiversity change in real world ecosystems.

Klinken sinks teeth into regional focus

Biodiversity and radio-astronomy along with marine science were the two industries Professor Klinken highlighted as burgeoning for WA but cited ...

Civic pride 'can help sustain urban biodiversity'

The establishment of community gardens in inner city areas can boost social and ecological sustainability, suggest researchers. A study found those ...

Farmer weighs in on pros and cons of GMOs and organics

Organic farming has challenged the conventional way of doing things and has helped a lot of people start to think outside the box when it comes to ...

Monkey's Tinder profile raises biodiversity awareness

We've seen how social media can be used to raise awareness of charitable projects, such as a project where users could tweet endangered species ...

Ramechhap's veggie grower: I don't go to the market, the market comes to me!

From early morning till late at night, he'd be working at the farm. ... During the training sessions, she understood how organic farming was healthier ...

Always a farm: Under new ownership, Windham's Weeks' property will remain in agriculture.

The farmers from Bumbleroot Organic Farm recently purchased the historic ... Bumbleroot Organic Farm in Buxton will be moving its operation to the ...

Protected conservation areas benefit wide range of species - study
1. Protected conservation areas benefit wide range of species - study. 2. Western Ghats face threat as state governments dump Kasturirangan report. 3. Organic farming, a viable opportunity for farmers of Kandi region: PAU experts. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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