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Seven Questions with Denise O'Brien, Farmer and Founder of Women, Food

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Seven Questions with Denise O'Brien, Farmer and Founder of Women, Food Agriculture Network

Denise O'Brien (DO): Forty years ago I married Larry Harris, who had recently returned to his family's farm to become an organic farmer. So first of all, ...

Biodiversity Act: Alien and invasive species lists

Start Date. End Date. National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act: Alien and invasive species lists. Files: Attachment, Size. Attachment, Size ...

North Bay dairies shift to organic milk production, seeking higher income and stability

Eighty percent of the dairies in Marin and Sonoma counties now produce certified organic milk, a change that allows them to command a premium milk ...

Maui Festival Seeks Local Support

The Indigenous Crop Biodiversity Festival will be held on Maui next month from August 24th through the 30th, it comes weeks ahead of the World ...

FarmFest brings farmers and consumers together

FarmFest is more concerned with bringing together farmer and consumer — feeding the conversation surrounding organic farming and sustainable ...

3928 animal parts recommended for disposal

Chief at Environment and Biodiversity Division Bijaya Raj Paudyal said they have sent the report back to the Department of National Park and Wildlife ...

Sikkim leveraging organic mission to woo investors

It provided seeds and manure, trained farmers in organic methods, and even sent some farmers outside the state to get advanced training.

SH College to hold pulse expo | Kochi NYOOOZ

As part of the initiative, a new website containing information on organic farming will be launched by the Organic Kerala Charitable Trust. KOCHI: ...

Trial and error: Crookston farmer embraces trend of growing organic crops

"I asked my banker what he thought of organic farming. He kind of chuckled and said, 'I've never seen anybody make money out of it,'" Brekken said.

Smoky Mountain Salamander Ball

DLIA's flagship project, the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI), is a joint effort with the National Park Service to identify and record every single ...

Here's why only 1% of US cropland is farmed organically despite voracious demand

Only around one percent of U.S. cropland is dedicated to organic farming even though consumer appetite for organic foods reached an estimated ...

Animal 'roles' could provide key to accurate forest restoration findings, says new study

Ecological restoration -- the planting of native forest cover to previously cleared land -- is increasingly applied in tropical forests to mitigate biodiversity ...

Fallow deer trash Tobias Koenig's organic potato crop at Ingelara
1. Fallow deer trash Tobias Koenig's organic potato crop at Ingelara. 2. Supply chains tracking CO2 emissions will be required by law. 3. Treats, Tide Pools and Trippy Lifeforms at Oregon Coast Nature Events. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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