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Local zoologist shares glimpse of rare creatures that dwell in the dar

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Local zoologist shares glimpse of rare creatures that dwell in the dark

His new book, “Life in the Dark: Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth,” features 200 color photographs of these little-known ...

Art of the engagement on social channels

With sweat donation campaigns and regular updates on organic farming, and touching the chord of asking everyone to grow their own food, he has ...

Brunei to host second Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit

“It is also an opportunity for Brunei to give the world a glimpse of their beautiful and well-preserved forests, their biodiversity and their plans for the ...

Tea Board to come up with guidelines for tea processors for small tea growers

Considering the global warming and erratic rains, more and more tea growers will have to be encouraged into organic farming ", he emphasized.

Organic Food Diet: Pros and Cons

Organic food is preferred by more and more consumers, and corporations took note ... Organic food is often produced with traditional farming methods.

Historic Visit By Cuba Delegation

In a historic trip, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and the ... The delegation then moved to an organic farm in Polk City to meet with farmer ...

Expert 2 (Cat. II): Biodiversity/Conservation Expert

DESCRIPTION. Project Title: Identification of Biodiversity Action under 11th EDF. Qualification and skills. University degree in natural resource ...

Bee informed about Biodiversity in Luxembourg: Biodiversity walk around Bech

Nature lovers may like to participate in a free seven-kilometre hike in part of the Mëllerdall nature park on July 10. Organised by Naturpark Mëllerdall ...

Marine biodiversity conservation needs master plan

Experts are urging the building of a master plan on preserving marine biodiversity in its true sense to improve the efficiency of the work in the country.

Biodiversity in Adyar Eco Park up

Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust (CRRT) has recorded an improvement in biodiversity at the Adyar Eco Park, according to a recent study.

Veggies to cost 30% less in Horticorp

An organic farming policy would be formulated, he said. To make pesticide-free veggies available for Onam, a concerted effort with the cooperation of ...

Govt to sell veggies at 30 pc discount

Sunil Kumar further said that an organic farming policy would be formulated for the state and that the number of Horticorp stalls would be increased.

We haven't damaged Yamuna floodplain's ecology: Art of Living
1. We haven't damaged Yamuna floodplain's ecology: Art of Living. 2. Dual policy of KPK Govt and Imran Khan lamented. 3. Ladybirds dropped by drone? Denmark declares war on aphids. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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