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Neolithic paddy soil reveals the impacts of agriculture on microbial d

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Neolithic paddy soil reveals the impacts of agriculture on microbial diversity Science China Press

Modern intensive agriculture has generally led to the decline in farmland biodiversity, such as plants and animals. However, information on the ...

Organic Industry Doesn't Support USDA's Effort to Create Checkoff

An organic farming and business industry coalition is asking USDA not to establish a checkoff for organic products. The No Organic Check off ...

Entomopathogenic Fungi Can Help to Control Filth Flies

Stable flies and house flies are a concern in livestock and poultry farming ... for assisting with stable fly management in organic farming situations.”.

Dairy Shorthorns suit South Lakeland farming organic system

“They are suited to an organic grass-based system. Although most fields are within half a mile of the farm, to reach the furthest one they have to walk a ...

Southeastern Grocers Announces Policy Commitment to Local Growers

We work with our growers to provide a high standard of fresh produce ... Southeastern Grocers' organic products are sourced from certified organic ...

Scientists discover new acarian species naming it Vanuatu

Recording the Pacific region's biodiversity is a very crucial task, according to experts from the United Nations. Moreover, Vanuatu faces the persistent ...

This Danish Farmer Converted 2000 Acres to Organic Farmland

The family's interest turned into a daughter's passion, one that lead to the largest conversion from conventional to organic farming in Denmark's history ...

Dry spell hits Aravalli Biodiversity Park

With the decline in water table the biodiversity park is dependent on water from private tankers. (Hindustan Times/ HT Photo) ...

Lehi Students for Saving Biodiversity

For: Leah Kinyon and Lehi Students. Honduras. HN. Organizer: Leah Kinyon. Lehi Students for Saving Biodiversity (Leah Kinyon and Lehi Students).

HomeNewsOnly Anti-GMO Hippies Grow Organic Corn, Right? Wrong.

In 2014, several of Gertson's neighboring producers planted organic rice, and he watched a hungry market gobble the harvest. But rice drinks copious ...

Brexit could leave Welsh rural communities in poverty, warns FUW President

Organic farmer Rhodri Lloyd-Williams said: "Over 80 percent of my produce gets exported to a market that has access to over 500 million customers ...

Funding boost for organic farming while statistics show downward trend

Mixed messages on the health of organic agriculture have emerged with the publication of statistics which show that arable farmers have been ...

PREEMINENCE Associate / Full Professor in Biodiversity
1. PREEMINENCE Associate / Full Professor in Biodiversity. 2. Collaboration between civil society and scientists in the management of Key Biodiversity Areas in .... 3. Organic farm pioneer Viboon dies at 79. more ... ...

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Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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