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Gardeners wanted!

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Gardeners wanted!

Do you want to make friends with like-minded folk with an interest in biodiversity? Have you always liked the idea of maintaining an allotment but didn't ...

Media Release: Inverness researcher recognised for achievements

Professor Verspoor has worked as a researcher and advisor in the field of aquatic biodiversity for over 35 years, including 22 years as a principal ...

Making sense of organic kidswear

He has interacted with thousands of farmers in India and West Africa and witnessed the positive impact of fairtrade and organic farming practices.

Agriculture(Sustainble Organic Farming)

This is a high land area where 95% of the people dependent on agriculture for a living. And crop cultivation is basically organic but the poor and ...

Unveiling the Biodiversity of Deep-Sea Nematodes through Metabarcoding

The analysis of biodiversity is crucial for the evaluation of the state of the environment. The lack of taxonomic expertise hinders such analyses, even ...

Mosses, Lichen, Fungi

Mosses, Lichen, Fungi - Biodiversity and Conservation, 15 cr ... i.e. especially valuable sites, usually with a long continuity and a high biodiversity.

LETTER: Churchyards help protect biodiversity

Biodiversity is being lost from agricultural areas at an alarming rate, and country churchyards are one place where traditional plant varieties can be ...

HKND engages FUNDAR to develop biodiversity management plan

HKND Group, the concessionaire for the proposed Nicaragua Grand Canal Project, has entered into an agreement with Friends of the San Juan River ...

Were Jammi Chettus, state trees of Telangana, sacrificed for sapling-planting drive?

"Biodiversity builds up over a long period of time. It takes 50 to 70 years for a forest to develop and no matter how many saplings are planted, we will ...

Urban Birds - Building for Biodiversity - Edward Meyer

Urban Birds - Building for Biodiversity - Edward Meyer. Wednesday 13 September. 8 pm. Price: £3. Edward visited us last year with his inspiring talk ...

Nu River Conservation Studies: Biodiversity, Management, and Hydropower Development

"The Nu River: A Habitat in Danger," and "Overlooked Plant Biodiversity in Low-Altitude Areas of the Nu River Valley" each give an in-depth look at the ...

Can biodiversity save Thailand's farmers in times of drought?

Thailand has been hit by one of the worst droughts in decades - with devastating effects on farmers. However, some small organic farms demonstrate ...

Cultivate Your Future with Our Organic Farming Program
1. Cultivate Your Future with Our Organic Farming Program. 2. Solarcentury connects 5 MWp community solar farm in the UK. 3. Organic Vs. Conventional: Everyone Has A Seat At The Table. more ... ...

Well-being = creative education + freedom; fiction / satire

Biodiversity in Environment: Sunflowers


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